Prof Michael King

Prof Michael King

Professorial Research Associate

Division of Psychiatry

Faculty of Brain Sciences

Joined UCL
1st Aug 1998

Research summary

I am 1) Professor of Primary Care Psychiatry; 2) joint director of PRIMENT Clinical Trials Unit; and 3) joint lead on the UCL arm of the London Research Design Service.

I am a psychiatric epidemiologist who is interested in large scale national and international research. I have a particular interest in the design and conduct of cohort studies and randomised trials of complex mental health interventions in primary and secondary care. Clinical trials in this area are difficult to conduct because of the complexity of the issues including diagnosis, interventions and outcomes.  I undertake observational research which includes national surveys of mental health in the UK, research using large clinical data bases, and cohort studies in European populations to understand the risks for mental disorders.  My main interests are randomised trial methodology, primary care mental health. risk prediction in mental health; the stress and stigma faced by gay and lesbian people; the mental health of patients in the late stages of cancer; and the role of religious and spiritual beliefs in mental well-being.

Teaching summary

Michael King’s teaching activities take place at a number of levels.  He is involved mainly in post-graduate teaching of psychiatry and research methods in the Division of Psychiatry, UCL and beyond.  He teaches epidemiology and trial methodology on a number of taught PhD courses in Spain, Argentina and Chile, two of which have been supported by the European Union.  Currently he supervises 5 ongoing PhD students and has previously supervised 22 PhD students to graduation. 


Royal College of Psychiatrists
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Royal College of Physicians
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Royal College of General Practioners
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University of London
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University of Auckland
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Royal College of Psychiatrists
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Royal College of General Practioners
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Royal College of Physicians
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University of Auckland
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University of Auckland
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Michael King completed his medical studies in New Zealand before moving to the UK in 1978 to undertake training in family practice.  He then moved to the Maudsley Hospital in 1981 to train in clinical psychiatry before undertaking research training in psychiatric epidemiology at the former General Practice Research Unit (Institute of Psychiatry).  He took up a senior lecturer post in the Department of Academic Psychiatry at the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine in 1989 and eventually became Head of Department (1996-2009).  He joined UCL when the Royal Free School of Medicine became a part of UCL in 1998.  He was Director of the former Mental Health Sciences Unit and subsequently the Division of Psychiatry from 2009 to 2014.