International Student has been awarded the Chevening Scholarship to study on Dementia MSc

9 July 2024

We are delighted to announce that Denise Gómez, has been awarded the Chevening Scholarship to study on the Division’s Dementia MSc

Denise Gomez, UCL International student

This prestigious award supports exceptional students globally with the potential to become future leaders in their respective fields. Starting this September, Denise will enrol on our MSc in Dementia: Causes, Treatments and Research (Mental Health) at UCL, undertaking research in psychosis and dementia under the supervision of Dr. Vasiliki Orgeta, and colleagues from King’s College London.

Denise’s journey in mental health research began at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), where she studied animal models of Alzheimer's disease. She contributed to several experiments demonstrating that atomoxetine (ATX), one of the drugs used for ADHD, induces alterations in autophagy, a cellular process that removes damaged proteins, in neuron-like cells. Her work has highlighted the complex role of autophagy in maintaining mitochondrial health and its implications for neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD1.

She then pursued an MSc in Psychology, and contributed to research in multiple sclerosis2 and clinical trials evaluating the effectiveness of transcranial direct current stimulation in people with mild cognitive impairment. Last summer, Denise received a scholarship award as part of her MSc program to attend an academic placement at UCL in the IDEA Lab investigating the effectiveness of non-pharmacological interventions for apathy in dementia. As part of this placement, she also collaborated with researchers from the Global Ageing and Trauma Network, working on a position paper highlighting the need to improve evidence-based care for older people exposed to trauma.

When asked why she chose this programme at UCL, Denise said, "I am committed to becoming a mental health researcher with an interdisciplinary vision. Through my research, I aim to improve the mental health care of older adults, especially those affected by dementia and advocate for reducing stigma and improving access to care. The best place to align with that mission is undoubtedly UCL and the Division of Psychiatry and this comprehensive world leading Dementia MSc".




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