Lucy Mitchinson

Research Interests

An increasing number of people are living at a palliative stage of a terminal condition. At this time, people often experience a range of symptoms which decrease their physical abilities and increase physical, emotional, social and spiritual distress. Complementary Therapies, such as massage and reflexology, are commonly used alongside conventional treatments in palliative care to help address these issues. A range of beneficial effects such as relaxation, pain reduction and improved mental wellbeing are reported, however despite the current popularity there is limited evidence on the effectiveness of complementary therapies.

This study aims to develop a Core Outcome Set for touch-based complementary therapies delivered in palliative care. Through an online consensus process, a set of outcomes will be developed which are deemed most important to assess in clinical trials by patients, complementary therapists and researchers.

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Lucy is a full time PhD student within the Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Department. Her mixed method project is co-funded by the ESRC UBEL-DTP and Marie Curie. The project is supervised by Professor Paddy Stone, Dr Bridget Candy, Dr Nuriye Kupeli, and Dr Cecilia Vindrola.

Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Department.

UBEL Doctoral Training Partnership