Division of Psychiatry Seminar - Prof Ezra Susser

17 March 2021, 3:00 pm–4:00 pm

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Seminar title: While things are changing: mental health research in a world transformed by COVID

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The COVID-19 pandemic is transforming ways of life across the globe.  The consequences for the future are uncertain but we will not simply return to the pre-pandemic state.  This lecture will envision the choices now before us that could shift the direction of change for better or worse.  I will argue that these choices have to be made with awareness of historical context; with attention to shifting inequalities at multiple levels, for example, among countries, communities, families and individuals; and with consideration of confluent threats including climate change.  I will also argue that psychiatric epidemiology and public mental health could have an important role to play in this scenario, perhaps more than ever before.  For this to happen, however, mental health research will also have to change.  The choices before us and their potential consequences will be discussed.  

Ezra S. Susser, MD, DrPH, is the Director of the Psychiatric Epidemiology Training program, Columbia University. His research focuses on two main areas. One is examining the role of early life experience in health and disease throughout the life course. He heads the Imprints Center for Genetic and Environmental Lifecourse Studies, which fosters collaborative research and intellectual exchange among investigators studying developmental origins in birth cohorts across the globe. The other is global mental health. He is a co-founder of the Global Mental Health Program at Columbia.

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