Elisavet Pappa

Research Interests

Ι am an ESRC funded PhD student in the Division of Psychiatry at UCL. My research investigates the cognitive mechanisms of anomalous social agents and their impact on social functioning in psychosis using experimental methods. My research project takes a data-driven and experimental approach to three important questions: 

  1. What are the characteristics of illusory social agents in psychosis? Involving qualitative and computational analyses of recently available large scale medical records databases.
  2. To what extent do psychotic symptoms predict over-detection of social agents? Engaging general population participants and patients with psychosis in interactive game theory tasks. 
  3. How does the presence of illusory social agents affect social functioning on the population level? Using agent-based modelling.

Supervisor: Dr Vaughan Bell, Division of Psychiatry, UCL

Co-supervisor: Prof. Nichola Raihani, Experimental Psychology, UCL

Research interests: psychosis; social agents in hallucinations and delusions; social cognition; social behaviour; social brain; experimental paradigms; computational psychiatry; mixed methods; game theory; decision-making; evolutionary psychology; philosophy of science; UK

Links to associated labs, centres and facilities

SNP Group @UCL https://psychosisgroup.net