Andrea Bruun

Research Interests

As a linguist, I am generally interested in language but I am particularly interested in how we use spoken language to interact with each other (talk-in-interaction). I am fascinated with the way you can analyse  social interaction through Conversation Analysis (CA), and how this method pays so much attention to detail and can create these (almost aesthetic) pictures of how social interaction works moment-by-moment. This method keeps on impressing me and it keeps on feeding my interest in its research and particularly, the research on institutional interaction e.g. within the health sector and student counselling.

Links to associate labs, centres and facilities

Member of the research group DanTIN (Danish Talk-In-Interaction), Aarhus University since 2017. The group is working on creating a comprehensive (online) grammar of Danish talk-in-interaction by using the methods from Conversation Analysis and Interactional Linguistics.