Director's Pledges 2021

In support of the Division of Psychiatry’s Race Equity and Ethnic Diversity (REED) strategy, our Director has made the following pledges:

Pledge 1: Blank name recruitment will occur for grade 6B researcher posts (names removed from applications). 

Pledge 2: Fair recruitment specialists must be contacted for all recruitment to positions of grade 8 and above. 

Pledge 3: Actively support junior staff (professional services grades 5-6, research/academic grades 7-8) from BAME backgrounds to take part in initiatives: Inclusive Advocacy, B-Mentor schemes, Accelerate to Leadership Programme. At a minimum, these initiatives will be added to the appraisal checklist and discussed during appraisals. 

Pledge 4: Executive Committee members will take part in a facilitated meeting/conversation about race and structural racism at UCL. 

Pledge 5: Require teaching staff to take the “Theory of Inclusion” training when it becomes available. 

Pledge 6: Require PhD students to take the online unconscious bias training as part of their induction.