President & Provost


Developing UCL’s strategy 2022-27

UCL Provost and President Michael Spence is working with the Vice-Provosts and Vice Presidents towards the single institutional strategy that will set UCL’s agenda for the next five years.

Changes to UCL’s senior team

To create the right capacity and balance of expertise for the next phase of our strategic development, the Provost has reshaped the senior team of Vice-Provosts and introduced Vice-Presidents, creating parity of esteem between academic and professional services leadership.

Read the Provost’s February 2021 announcement of the changes to the Vice-Provosts team from 1 April 

We are beginning our global recruitment search for the following roles: Vice-Provost (Education and Student Experience); Vice-President (Advancement); Vice-President (Strategy) and look forward to making announcements in due course

Enhancing our governance structure

The Provost has also set out plans to reshape the university management committee structure so that a single University Management Committee is supported by a number of sub-committees. The membership for these sub-committees will be drawn from across the university, and consultation with Academic Board and with the wider community will be built into the terms of reference for sub-committee wherever appropriate. We expect to bring the proposed terms of reference to the community for consultation in June, and to implement the new committee structure for the 2021-22 academic year.

Co-creating our 2022-27 strategy

We aim to build on our world-leading position in research and education, capitalizing on the rapidly changing social, geopolitical and economic landscape. The Provost intends to set out an ambitious agenda and will work with the Vice-Provosts and Vice-Presidents to agree our five-year goals. The strategy is likely to include education and student experience, health and our ability to communicate UCL’s strengths to external audiences as well as our capacity for strategic partnerships. From autumn 2021, the Provost will consult widely on the strategy to optimise the approach and ensure we reach these ambitious goals. 

Creating the structure to implement our 2022-27 plans

To ensure that we are in the best shape to take advantage of emerging opportunities, throughout April 2021 the senior leadership will be reviewing ways of working within and across their teams.  The aims of this review are to make sure that UCL becomes more efficient and takes advantage of our wealth of data and insight, identifying synergies and reducing fragmentation, and improving services to stakeholders. 

For more information, visit www.ucl.ac.uk/strategic-plan-2022-27


Portfolios of Responsibility from 1 April 2021

President & Provost Office
* New role or team
† Existing team moves
President & Provost
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Team
  • Legal services†
Vice-Provost Offices
* New role or team
† Existing team moves
Vice-Provost (Education & Student Experience)
  • Education and student experience strategy
  • UCL Arena
Vice-Provost (Faculties)*
  • Alignment of faculties and academic units for the delivery of institutional strategy*
  • Oversight of faculty activity*
  • UCL East†
Vice-Provost (Health)
  • Health strategy, including expansion and co-ordination of health agenda across all faculties*
  • Relationships with NHS and Biomedical partners
Vice-Provost (Research, Innovation & Global Engagement)
  • Doctoral School
  • Innovation & Enterprise†
  • International†
  • Library Services
  • London†
  • UCL Public Policy
  • Research Strategy
  • UCL Culture†
Vice-President Offices
* New role or team
† Existing team moves
Vice-President (External Engagement)*
  • Communications and Marketing†
  • Media Relations†
  • Public Affairs*
  • Student Recruitment†
Vice-President (Operations)
  • Estates
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Services
  • Commercial and Procurement
  • PS Hub
  • Research Services
  • Student and Registry Services†
  • TOPS
Vice-President (Advancement)
  • Alumni
  • Philanthropy
Vice-President (Strategy)*
  • Data and Insight†
  • Major Projects Portfolio†
  • Planning†


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Vice-Provost role and the new Vice-President role?

Vice-Provosts provide academic leadership. The Vice-President role has been introduced to be equivalent in esteem to the Vice-Provost roles for senior professional leadership roles.

How will roles be filled?

New senior academic appointments will be made with an initial term of five years, with the possibility of extension for a further term. The roles of Vice-Provost (Education & Student Experience), Vice-President (Advancement) and Vice-President (Strategy) will be advertised through a global search in spring 2021. The substantive role of Vice-President (External Engagement) will be advertised externally in 2022.

How can I find out more and what this will mean for me?

The VPs will carry out a review of their offices and operations in April-May and will share the results of that review in early June.

How much is this costing?

There are already several vacancies at Vice-Provost level which has allowed us to rebalance and refocus these portfolios.