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Provost’s Long View: shaping the future of UCL in a challenging environment

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As you will probably know by now, we are in the process of consulting with all staff on the direction that UCL is going to take over the next 20 years. The resulting strategy, UCL 2034, will enable us to build on our outstanding position as a research and innovation powerhouse and concentrate further our efforts on improving our student experience and enhancing our education agenda.

Vice-Provost's View: UCL 2034 - the opportunities for education and scholarship

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As we consider our strategy for the next 20 years, I want to reflect on the opportunities for education and scholarship it offers.

A principal theme of the draft UCL 2034 strategy is the university becoming “a global leader in the integration of research and education” and underpinning that by offering an outstanding student experience.

Provost's View: Have your say on UCL’s direction over the next 20 years

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UCL 2034

One of the most refreshing things about UCL is how eager staff are to be involved in shaping the future of this great institution. Certainly, harnessing your ideas and energy will be key to the success of UCL 2034, the new 20-year strategy that will underpin our decisions and activities across the university.

Provost’s View: UCL’s lifelong community in China and Hong Kong

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Hong Kong1

I have one of the best jobs in the world and certainly the best job in UK higher education. Linked to that statement, I also seem destined to write this column at 38,000 feet and 500mph.

Provost’s Long View: UCL staff survey results

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Staff survey

All the achievements of this great university are driven by the quality and commitment of our staff. Our excellence in teaching, research and innovation depends on the efforts of people working at all levels; and our continued success will only come through having an engaged community, committed to the values that we stand for, and rewarded appropriately.

Provost's View: Our shared interest in intellectual curiosity

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Marc Woodham

After nearly six months as President & Provost of UCL, I still feel that I have barely scratched the surface of learning about this wonderfully complex organisation.

Provost’s View: UCL and the IOE – a shared future

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One of the great strengths of UCL is our restless spirit, never wanting to stand still. Many of you will be aware that we now have a really substantial opportunity for innovation, following the decisions over the past week or so of the Councils of UCL and the Institute of Education (IOE) to enter into negotiations regarding a move from the existing strategic partnership to a permanent merger.

Provost’s View: The future of philanthropy at UCL

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As you will know from previous Provost’s View pieces, we are currently rewriting UCL’s strategy, which will define our vision and ambition for the coming decades. Before signposting those areas where we can make a purposeful, positive and profound difference, we need to take stock of where we are today. This means understanding where we have come from and how we got here. For UCL, this is, to a significant degree, a story of philanthropy.

Provost's Long View: The National Student Survey, and equality and diversity at UCL

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National Student Survey logo

Before I launch into my main topic for this month’s long view on equality and diversity, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind all staff and students that the National Student Survey (NSS) for 2014 is currently active and that we are keen to achieve a much higher response rate from our final year students than in previous years.

Vice-Provost’s View: The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – a catalyst for UCL’s legacy

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Professor Stephen Caddick

There can be few people in UCL’s community who did not notice the recent announcements in the media about the university’s plans to consider establishing a major new higher education quarter on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Provost's View 16/1/2014: A flying start to 2014

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Provost’s View 19/12/2013: My first 100 days

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Provost’s View 19/12/2013: My first 100 days

UCL President and Provost Professor Michael Arthur reflects on his first 100 days in post.

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Provost’s Long View: London’s Global University, Beyond the Second Centenary

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Teaching in a global context

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a wide range of staff and discussing issues and plans for the institution that are close to your hearts. I’d now like to take the opportunity to share with you my overview of how these discrete ambitions fit together to create a university that is greater than the sum of its parts, as expressed in my inaugural lecture to friends and partners on 21 November.

Vice-Provost’s View 5/12/2013: Beyond the Research Excellence Framework

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REF submission

“We submit, we submit!” With this teasingly ambiguous Tweet, the UCL Research Excellence Framework (REF) Team reported to the world the culmination of an endeavour that has detained more brilliant minds, for more time, than any of us would like to think.

Provost’s View 28/11/2013: Connecting with the UCL community

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Biochem QAP

One of the many privileges of being President & Provost is that I have the opportunity to interact with such a wide range of people who represent the different facets that together make UCL such a great institution.

Provost’s View 21/11/2013: The quality of debate

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Research council income summary

Academic institutions, in my experience, are renowned for their culture of debate and challenge. Since my arrival at UCL, I have seen ample evidence that we match other institutions for the level of discussion – and often disagreement – about a wide variety of issues; but also that we are distinguished by the quality of debate.

Provost’s View 14/11/2013: Our position in London

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Space syntax

As a key part of our vision is to be London’s Global University, we are often focused on the global element but, perhaps because of familiarity, we seem to spend less time thinking about our role and impact in London.

Provost's Long View: What makes a university world class?

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President & Provost Professor Michael Arthur

In my first two months as President & Provost of UCL, I have seen a great deal that confirms the view that we work and study in a truly world-class university.

Provost’s View 31/10/2013: Listening to our students and staff

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Students Provost View

Two months into being the new UCL President and Provost, I remain on a steep learning curve and am still coming across some aspects of my role and responsibilities for the first time.

Provost’s View 24/10/2013: The journey towards defining our ambition

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When you are appointed to such an important and distinguished position as President & Provost of UCL, you instantly start to absorb everything you can from reading about and visiting the university, and meeting its key opinion formers at all levels.

Provost's View 17/10/2013: Our interdisciplinary culture

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Institute of Americas

My journey around UCL continues to astound me and my willingness to learn about the organisation by being ‘out and about’ ­ ­─ both seeing and listening ─ seems to be going down well.

Provost's Long View: My vision for UCL 

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President & Provost Professor Michael Arthur

In the first edition of a new monthly column, President & Provost Professor Michael Arthur outlines his initial thoughts on how the university can build on a record of tremendous success to address the challenges ahead.

Provost’s View 03/10/13: Tackling space issues at UCL

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Professor Michael Arthur in the Flaxman gallery

After only a short time as Provost, it is with apologies that I turn to an early and hopefully premature discussion of my potential demise, but I am fairly certain that if my departure from this earth were to occur sooner rather than later, my tombstone would read; ‘Professor Michael Arthur, President & Provost of UCL (2013–?). He died of space and estates issues’.

Provost’s View 26/09/13: Introducing myself to the UCL community

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Provost at UCL Laws graduation

Welcome to my first Provost’s View. It is wonderful to finally join you at UCL some nine months after my appointment was announced last December. I am deeply honoured to be the tenth Provost of UCL and the fourth to bear the title of President & Provost of this outstanding comprehensive university. 

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