Undergraduate prospectus 2021


Thinking – and working – beyond the classroom

At UCL, your undergraduate programme is informed by the world-leading research of our incredible academic staff.

Our programmes are designed to stretch your intellect and develop your skills of analysis and problem-solving, preparing you for your career, wherever it takes you.

Innovative, research-based education  


As a UCL student you will contribute to this exciting process of knowledge creation.

Arts and Sciences BASc student Imran Mannan tested the effectiveness of solar panels on one of UCL's buildings. Student research is helping to inform UCL's approach to sustainability.

Through our Connected Curriculum you make connections with researchers and other students, undertake research activity of your own and create original output. The UCL Living Lab programme enables students to use the university campus and operations as a test bed for research. We use a wide variety of teaching methods, beyond the traditional lecture and seminar, giving you the chance to apply your knowledge and build your skills for your future career.

Some UCL departments (particularly in sciences and engineering) offer undergraduate research placements over the summer vacation. Bursaries are usually available.

Learn more about UCL's Connected Curriculum

UCL's Living Lab

Interdisciplinary teaching and learning

At UCL, we believe the best way to solve a problem is to bring together thinking from different academic disciplines. This is reflected in the UCL Grand Challenges, our joined-up approach to the world's most pressing problems. Most of our degrees allow you to take elective modules from other disciplines within UCL and we encourage language study, to bring new perspectives to your studies.

UCL Grand Challenges

Experience for the working world

You will be encouraged to connect your academic learning with workplace learning, developing transferable skills such as communication, group working, negotiation and public engagement.

The Student View

Camillo Moschner, Biomedical Sciences BSc (2018)
"In 2017 my team was awarded a gold medal in the iGEM competition. iGEM is the international genetically engineered machine competition, a synthetic biology competition in which each participating university assembles a team of undergraduates to come up with an idea of how to use synthetic biology to solve the 'big problems' in the world. It is designed to give students their first real research experience.

"Many students can attend an internship in a lab where the supervisor gives them a project and they do it. But iGEM asks the students to come up with their own project, research the topic, fund it, promote it, engage with the public, learn new techniques and in the meantime actually conduct the lab work. It is an invaluable experience into what research is really about and is fun on the way."

Camillo Moschner, Biomedical Sciences BSc (2018)

Find out more about the iGEM competition

Teaching excellence

UCL is committed to improving teaching by supporting innovation and excellence. Every year, the best staff are recognised with Student Choice Teaching Awards. We invest in technologies that promote interactive and engaging classroom learning using voting, group activities and the latest multimedia facilities to stimulate discussion and debate.

Our online learning environment enables you to access class materials, communicate with fellow students and tutors, review your lectures, access study resources and check your work for potential plagiarism.

Shaping your university experience

Education is changing, and you're the ones changing it. We see our students as partners in teaching and learning. You will have many opportunities to make your voice heard and actively develop UCL education through our ChangeMakers programme.

You might decide to stand for office as a Student Academic Representative (a StAR) to represent the interests of your fellow students to the academic staff who teach you. Alternatively, you might decide to lead a UCL ChangeMakers project, where you'll receive funding to collaborate with staff to investigate issues that are important to you and make recommendations about the ways UCL can support you in your studies.

The Student View

Anastassia Gusseinova, Second Year, Urban Planning, Design and Management BSc
"I chose to study at UCL because The Bartlett is one of the most renowned schools of planning in the UK with more than 100 years of history. Plus, studying planning and design in London you can learn about key concepts directly on the spot – every day in London might be a field trip with interesting cases to explore.

"Together with a couple of friends, I set up the HelpHub, a a careers information platform for students at The Bartlett providing up to date knowledge on companies, events and application deadlines. We had funding from UCL ChangeMakers, which allowed us to run couple of events and develop the project further. Setting up a project like that gave me the opportunity to challenge myself and grow as a person."

Anastassia Gusseinova, Second Year, Urban Planning, Design and Management BSc