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Life skills

Empowering you with research, study and life skills

Integral to your learning is the development of skills that will serve you well during your degree and beyond graduation. These include research skills (such as sourcing, sifting and analysing information), communication skills, collaborating with others on projects, time management, motivational and leadership skills, as well as social and cultural awareness.

We also offer formal training in IT and Writing in Academic Contexts, plus the opportunity to learn a language. As well as traditional ways of learning, we provide you with a wide range of teaching resources and the tools to undertake independent study.

The Student View

Maya Howard, Archaeology and Anthropology BA (2018)
"I chose Archaeology and Anthropology because of the 70 days of practical fieldwork included in the degree. The fieldwork I did was at an early Bronze Age 'tell' site in Israel, and then the year after at an Ancient Maya site in the middle of the Belizean Jungle.

"What I didn't realise is that I would gain many more experiences; I've had the opportunity to help digitise the collections at the Petrie Museum, I've learnt how to use the potter's wheel in my department, how to survey an archaeological site with a total station, and last year I was accepted to study in Santiago in Chile for 3 weeks on an International Relations Exchange course."

Maya Howard, Archaeology and Anthropology BA (2018)