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Students' Union UCL

As a student, you are automatically a member of Students' Union UCL.

UCL Students' Union building


Students' Union UCL is here to make more happen. The Union belongs to its members and is made up of all kinds of people from all kinds of places.

You'll never have a better chance to throw yourself into something new, and finding an opportunity that fits you, however big or small, is what it's all about.

Representing you

The Union is here to represent students' views - so much so that it is led by seven elected students. We also help you create communities of under-represented students to ensure everyone is being heard. Together, we work to make things better, on campus and beyond.

Social life

Driven by drama, sport, art or politics? With the Union's 250+ societies and sports clubs, there are all sorts of ways to discover something that could become your passion. All of these groups are run by students and are open to every student at UCL - they're the best way to meet friends, learn new skills and discover London.

The Union is also behind many of the events that help you get settled when you arrive. We organise parties at some of the most famous clubs in the world, including Ministry of Sound and Fabric, and also provide opportunities to meet new people in more relaxed settings. Be it games nights, a boat trip on the Thames or a pop-up cinema, the Union helps you make friends and memories you'll never forget.

We don't just provide the activities you'll love; we also provide the spaces you'll love them in. We run the cafés, bars and social spaces that will become the backdrop to your extracurricular time here - places that will become a home from home.

The Student View

Izzy Inkpen, English BA (2018)
"UCL Students' Union's societies have been life-changing, with no hyperbole intended!

"I have done so much more performance than I could have possibly expected or hoped for, with Live Music, Musical Theatre, Dance, and Drama societies.

"I've learnt a lot about myself as a performer, and discovered my passion for choreography. I've even performed at Edinburgh Fringe, twice!"

Izzy Inkpen, English BA (2018)


Sporting life

The Union provides one of the largest competitive sport programmes in the UK. With sports from surfing to lacrosse and gliding to judo, there are endless opportunities to join TeamUCL. If you're at the top of your game and are competing nationally, we can also provide additional training and funding.

Games are played at a number of top facilities, including our very own Bloomsbury Fitness gym in the heart of campus. Somers Town Community Sports Centre, a 15-minute walk away, hosts many of our indoor sports. If outdoor sport is your thing, you might take the trip to the Sports Ground in Shenley or play on the iconic football pitches of Hackney Marshes.

Sport at the Union is award-winningly inclusive, with an active Pride in Sport LGBT+ campaign and a commitment to helping all students enjoy an active lifestyle, no matter what their level of ability. If you're not keen on competitive sport, you can pedal a cycle-powered cinema, kayak through East London or hula hoop your way to a healthier you with Project Active.

The Student View

Deborah Alawode, Third Year, Medicine MBBS BSc - lifting weights
"Winning the British Junior Weightlifting Championships was an amazing experience. The Students' Union's Elite Athletes programme has been very supportive. They helped cover my annual gym membership and provided me with physiotherapy and message sessions.

"Both came in handy when I sustained an injury earlier in the academic year. Furthermore, I was offered a strength and conditioning coach, who has been very helpful with giving me exercises to correct any imbalances I have, and to prevent further injury."

Debbie Alawode, Third Year, Medicine MBBS BSc

Volunteering Services Unit (VSU)

London is a big city with a great many people who need support. The Union's Volunteering Service works to connect you with them. Whether you're helping people get back on their feet, contributing to local wildlife or giving lonely people some company, volunteering gives you the chance to make someone's day brighter. More than 2,000 UCL students volunteer regularly, collectively giving more than 60,000 hours of their time each year. By taking part in one of our 500+ opportunities, you'll meet new people, build skills and get to see London in ways you'd never have expected.

The Student View

Arina Al Rhosky, Second Year, Engineering (Mechanical with Business Finance) MEng, with cardboard model roller coaster
"Our project gets young students to develop their interest in STEM subjects in a fun and dynamic way, by holding workshops in schools across London. Our workshops are focused around the Design Cycle: start with a problem, think of solutions, and then there’s the creative part, where you implement it.

"We give the pupils the space to brainstorm to solve their daily problems or even global issues and then they build their own designs using cardboard and paper tubes. We've had students who've constructed 360° cardboard roller coasters and others who’ve modelled ocean-cleaning robots from paper plates!

"Our VSU project supervisor has helped us immensely by getting schools interested in our project. The engineering department has helped finance the project – massive props to Diane, for helping us out with each workshop materials order!"

Arina Al Rhosky, Second Year, Engineering (Mechanical with Business Finance) MEng, works with UCL Engineers for International Development Outreach, who run hands-on, fun activities in schools to inspire their pupils to love science.