Undergraduate prospectus 2022


The Student View

Camillo Moschner

"In 2017 my team was awarded a gold medal in the iGEM competition. iGEM is the international genetically engineered machine competition, a synthetic biology competition in which each participating university assembles a team of undergraduates that have to come up with their own idea of how to use synthetic biology to solve the 'big problems' in the world.

It is designed to give students their first real research experience. Many students can attend an internship in a lab where the supervisor gives them a project and they do it. But iGEM asks the students to come up with their own project, research the topic, fund it, promote it, engage with the public, learn new techniques and in the meantime actually conduct the lab work. It is an invaluable experience into what research is really about and is fun on the way."

Camillo Moschner, Third Year, Biomedical Sciences BSc