Undergraduate prospectus


Fees and funding

Tuition fees

We know that money can be a worrying topic for most students. So this section sets out clearly and simply what you need to pay for and when.

Living expenses

Budgeting for your living and day-to-day expenses while you are studying will vary according to your personal needs and wants.

A total of around 322 per week is considered a reasonable average for about a 39-week year, which includes the 30-week UCL academic year plus the Christmas and Easter vacations.

As a guide, for a first-year student living in a UCL Hall of Residence the cost per week of your main items of expenditure is likely to be around:

  • 145 for accommodation (average)
  • 50 for food
  • 8.10 for household goods
  • 86 for leisure and personal items
  • 21 for travel*
  • 10 for books/equipment
  • 1.66 for insurance.

If you are a student on certain programmes you will incur some additional costs. For example, Architecture students will need funds to cover drawing equipment and materials, and field trips. Fine Art students will need to cover the cost of artists' materials. If possible additional costs concern you, please do not hesitate to contact the department in which you are interested for more details.

If you're travelling from outside the UK to study at UCL, you may have limits on what you can bring with you and should allow for some additional costs on arrival.

* Travel can vary according to where your accommodation is located. This is the price for a weekly zone 1 Student Oyster pass.