Undergraduate prospectus 2021


UK students' fees

How much are fees?

UCL's annual tuition fees for students commencing in the academic year 2021/22 are set at £9,250 for UK students on the vast majority of undergraduate programmes.

UCL reserves the right to increase its fees in line with government policy (including on an annual basis for each year of study during a programme).

Tuition fee loans from Student Finance

The majority of UK students use a tuition fee loan from Student Finance to pay for their fees.

If approved, the tuition fee loan will be paid directly from Student Finance to UCL on your behalf.

Check out the eligibility criteria for a tuition fee loan from Student Finance at GOV.UK

Interest Rates

Interest starts to accrue on your Student Finance Loans from the time you receive your first payment. The interest rate varies between RPI and RPI+3% depending on your circumstances.  

Find out more about interest on Student Finance loans


You will begin repayment from the April following your graduation and when your income is over £26,575 per year.

You repay 9% of your income over £26,575 each year. For someone earning £30,000 per year this works out at £26 per month in repayments. Repayments are taken directly out of your salary at the same time as tax and National Insurance.

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