Undergraduate prospectus 2021


Overseas students' fees

Overseas (International) undergraduates

For Overseas undergraduate students only, UCL implemented fixed fees from the academic year 2018 onwards. The overseas fee values published below, unless otherwise indicated in the programme Notes, are the fees that will be charged to 2021 entrants for each year of study on the programme. For example, if you're starting the BSc Physics in 2021, you'll pay £31,200 in 2021, £31,200 in 2022 and £31,200 in 2023.

Please see the UCL Students web pages for more information.

EU undergraduates

The UK has now formally left the EU. Students from the EU, EEA and Switzerland who start their programme of study in 2021 or later will no longer be eligible for the UK (Home) fee status and will pay fees at the Overseas rate.

View the UK Government statement about EU student fees

Read more about UCL and Brexit

For 2021/22 entry, fees will be:

  • £21,600 for most Education programmes;
  • £23,300 for most Linguistics programmes;
  • £23,300 for most Arts, Humanities and Social Science-based programmes;
  • £23,300 for Laws;
  • £25,800 for Arts and Sciences (BASc) programmes;
  • £25,800 for most Economics programmes;
  • £28,500 for most Mathematics programmes;
  • £28,500 for most Geography programmes;
  • £28,500 for most Life Sciences programmes (£25,800 for Pharmacy MPharm);
  • £28,500 for most Architecture programmes;
  • £31,200 for most Statistics programmes;
  • £31,200 for most Archaeology programmes;
  • £31,200 for Fine Art;
  • £31,200 for most Science programmes (£34,100 for Computer Science);
  • £31,200 for most Engineering and Astrophysics programmes;
  • £36,900 for Medicine MBBS.

Fees for each individual programme can be found on the programme entries in this Prospectus.