Undergraduate prospectus 2021


UK curriculum reform - advice for referees

Curriculum reforms in England, Wales and Northern Ireland mean that applicants now present a mixture of qualifications, including both old and new style GCSE and A levels. It is also more difficult for teachers to predict final grades without the use of AS modules.

We will look at each applicant on an individual basis, but the reference will be key in explaining the teaching within the school to the admissions selector. We would also ask that referees provide a clear explanation of any restrictions or difficulties they have faced in terms of funding and subject availability, along with an explanation of the styles of GCSE/A levels that have been taken. We will also be more reliant on applicants' past academic history and references, and would also encourage referees to comment on an applicant's level of achievement in the end of year 12 examinations where these have been held and also provide a picture of the applicant's progress through both GCSE and A level study.