UCL Summer School


Programme structure

The UCL Summer School is divided into two Sessions, each spanning three weeks (dates can be found below). You can choose to attend Session One, Session Two or both Sessions.

All UCL Summer School modules are worth 15 credits in the UK system - 15 credits are equivalent to 4 credits in the US system and 7.5 ECTS in the European system. The way in which modules are assessed depends on subject area and normal practice in that particular discipline. Please refer to the individual module pages for specific details.

Upon successful completion of the programme, all students will receive a UCL transcript and certification of attendance. Furthermore, students will also be granted the status of UCL Associate Alumni.

UCL Summer School 2022: Key dates

Session One

Monday 4 July    Enrolment and orientation
Friday 22 JulyEnd of module assessment

Session Two

Monday 25 JulyEnrolment and orientation
Friday 12 AugustEnd of module assessment