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Data Driven Web-Based Applications

Key Information

Module code
Taught during
Session One
Module leader
Alan Lane
Yes. Please refer to module pre-requisites below.
Assessment method
Coursework (75%), Presentation (25%)
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Module overview

This module covers the basic technical aspects of dynamic website construction concerning the front end (client) and the back end (server). It aims to develop a springboard for web-related technologies that require data collection, organisation and maintenance of accessible websites, through semantic layouts and with an introduction to object orientated coding practices. It focuses on developing skills in using HTML, CSS, jQuery, with PHP and SQL and covers aspects of data flow and web data management.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, students will:

  • be able to layout a maintainable web site
  • have a foundational understanding of database design for the internet
  • have a foundational grasp of client vs. server-side coding tools and principles
  • have strong direction for further study in this field
  • be able to make informed career enhancement choices

Module prerequisites

This is a level one module (equivalent to first year undergraduate). In addition to the standard entry requirements, students should have experience with a coding language, and use of a laptop with MS Office and Notepad++ . If it is not possible to bring a laptop to London, please contact the UCL Summer School Office.

Module hours

Classes (usually three or four hours per day) take place on the Bloomsbury campus from Monday to Friday any time between 9am and 6pm.


  • 10-minute PowerPoint presentation outlining the process of gathering client dataflow to build a data driven web-based solution (25%)
  • Produce a secure log in system of semantic annotated code with content in line with that solution (75%)

Module leader

Alan Lane currently teaches at the UCL Department of Information Studies. He holds a first class undergraduate degree in Computer Science and an MSc PG/Dip in Internet and Database Systems. Alan has over 40 years of business experience in the creative industries, and has advanced skills in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JQuery, AJAX and adaption of open source scripting languages for mobile browsers, Microsoft Office, Adobe CS5 and CAD vector-based software packages.

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