UCL Summer School



Below you can find the cost of tuition fees for the 2022 UCL Summer School.

The fees below cover the complete cost of tuition. Please note that there is a built-in discount of £460 for students who enrol for two sessions.

Tuition Fees

One Session   £2,230
Both Sessions   £4,000

To secure your place on the Summer School you will need to pay your fees in full. Details of how to pay your fees will be provided as part of the application process.

Please note: Many modules include excursions in and around London and the costs of these excursions (e.g. entrance tickets) are also included in the tuition fee. The only additional expenses you would incur would be the travel costs associated with these excursions (the average cost is £20-30 per module). In the unlikely event that additional expenses could exceed £30, this will be stated on any offer letters associated with the relevant module.

Application Fee

It is free to apply until 1st March 2022. Please note that applications received after 1st March 2022 are subject to a £60 application fee.

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