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Although we all use our native language effortlessly, a surprisingly rich set of precise rules has been found to underlie our ability to do so. Linguists and phoneticians at UCL carry out cutting-edge research into various aspects of the human language faculty, something that is reflected in our teaching, which is challenging, interactive and fun.

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Why study Linguistics at UCL?

Established over 100 years ago we offer unparalleled depth and breadth of specialism in education. Our programmes are taught by leading thinkers and practitioners in the field and our teaching inspires our students by providing them with first-hand experience of leading-edge research and knowledge creation.

What you will gain from study at UCL

You can develop your understanding of the human language faculty at many different levels, from introductory to advanced. Of course, the skills associated with these levels differ, but all of our modules help you question the familiar and evaluate different points of view. You will also develop your skills in oral and written presentation.

Teaching and assessment

Modules typically consist of a weekly lecture and some modules (but not all) will have a seminar. Assessments vary, but can include coursework, formal exams or presentations. There are no associated costs for these modules.

Modules in Linguistics

Please note that this guide lists a range of popular modules offered as a representative sample. It is not exhaustive and, since the guide is published ahead of time, module options may have changed, been deleted or replaced. If you have very specific study needs or require confirmation of module availability for 2023/24, you are strongly advised to get in touch with the relevant Affiliate contact, listed on this subject page, before making an application.

The majority of our affiliate places are taken by students from institutions with which we have reciprocal arrangements. The full list of modules available can be viewed here

Level 1 (FHEQ 4) modules

Module code Title Availability UCL credits
PLIN0001 Introduction to Semantics and Pragmatics A Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0003 Introduction to Generative Grammar A Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0006 Introduction to Language Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0008 Introduction to Children's Language Development Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0011 Introduction to Semantics and Pragmatics B Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0061 Introduction to Phonetics Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0062 Introduction to Phonology Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0064 Introduction to Generative Grammar B Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)

Level 2 (FHEQ 5) modules

Module code Title Availability UCL credits
PLIN0009 Semantic Theory Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0010 Intermediate Pragmatics Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0024 Intermediate Generative Grammar: Locality Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0065 Principles of Phonetic Science Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0066 Intermediate Phonology Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0067 Intermediate Generative Grammar: Word Order Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)

Level 3 (FHEQ 6) modules

Module code Title Availability UCL credits
PLIN0012 Pragmatics and Cognition Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0018 Issues in Pragmatics Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0019 Semantic-Pragmatic Development Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0020 Advanced Semantic Theory Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0021 Phonetic Theory Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0023 Current Issues in Syntax Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0029 Stuttering Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0032 Sociolinguistics Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0033 Psycholinguistics: General Processing Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0035 Psycholinguistics: Stages in Normal Language Development Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0036 Linguistics of Sign Language Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0038 Neurolinguistics Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0041 Seminar in Expressive Prosody Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0044 Bi/Multilingualism: Development and Cognition Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0063 Readings in Syntax Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
PLIN0070 Advanced Phonological Theory Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)

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