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Liberal Arts and Sciences

Arts and Sciences adopts a liberal arts approach, allowing you a unique opportunity to create your own programme of study by undertaking core interdisciplinary modules, alongside a range of arts and science subjects from leading departments across UCL.

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Level 2 - see English language requirements for more details.
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Arts & Humanities
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Liberal Arts and Sciences

Why study Liberal Arts and Sciences at UCL?

Students in Arts and Sciences study innovative core modules which enhance understanding of how different branches of knowledge relate to one another, and encourage interdisciplinary thinking. They supplement this cross contextual approach by taking additional modules from other UCL departments. This distinct approach delivers both educational breadth and depth and fosters an understanding of working across the disciplines to respond to real-world issues.

What you will gain from study at UCL

You will benefit from world-class resources across a range of subject areas, allowing you to build your academic strengths and shape your own study. Our modules will provide you with the knowledge and skills to think across the disciplines, an ability which is of vital importance to employers in our increasingly interconnected world. Located in historic Bloomsbury, the programme makes use of many of London’s great sites and artefacts, supplementing your learning and heightening your experience.

Teaching and assessment

Teaching is delivered via lectures, laboratory sessions and small seminars. Modules are assessed by a variety of methods including research papers (essays), laboratory work and examinations (in May). Some of the Arts & Sciences modules also utilise non-traditional assessment techniques such as assessed podcasts, blogs and group work. Students coming for the Fall Term only are examined in December.

Modules in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Please note that this guide lists a range of popular modules offered as a representative sample. It is not exhaustive and, since the guide is published ahead of time, module options may have changed, been deleted or replaced. If you have very specific study needs or require confirmation of module availability for 2023/24, you are strongly advised to get in touch with the relevant Affiliate contact, listed on this subject page, before making an application.

BASc Full Year affiliate students must take a minimum number of two BASc-coded modules and one other module from the Arts and Sciences offering, with the remainder of the credits comprising any Arts and Sciences modules or discipline-specific modules from other departments. Fall Term or Spring Term only students must take one BASc-coded module and one other module from the Arts and Sciences offering (see the list below).

Arts and Sciences modules

Module code Title Availability UCL credits
ANTH0078 An Introduction to World Cinema Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
ANTH0080 Time and the Index – The evolving narrative of Photography and Film Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
ANTH0081 The Story and I – Finding the Form: a practical exploration of story-telling Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
ANTH0083 Experimental and Interactive Storytelling – Form and Narrative Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
ANTH0084 Documentary Radio – A Practice-Based Introduction Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
ANTH0085 Documentary Film Making – Intermediate Practical Skills Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
ANTH0189 Practical Skills for Feature Writing in a Multimedia World Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
ANTH0190 Writing About International Affairs Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
ANTH0212 Comprehending COVID-19: A Pandemic in Social and Historical Perspective Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
BARC0093 Looking, Making and Communicating Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0001 Approaches to Knowledge: Introduction to Interdisciplinarity Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0002 Interdisciplinary Research Methods Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0003 Quantitative Methods and Mathematical Thinking Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0004 Object Lessons: Communicating Knowledge through Collections Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0005 Quantitative Methods 2: Data Science and Visualisation Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0006 Qualitative Thinking: Research Methods in Cultural Analysis Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0007 Creative Writing Fall Term, Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0008 Science Meets Religion in the Global Community Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0010 Understanding Cities and their Spatial Cultures Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0011 Migration and Health Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0015 Psychology in the Real World Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0017 Interdisciplinary Game Theory Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0018 Urban Inequalities and Global Development Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0020 Art and Interdisciplinarity: Measuring the World Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0022 Interactions of Music and Science Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0026 Advanced Creative Writing Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0028 Sustainable Energy Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0032 Critical Race Theory Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0033 Information through the Ages Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0037 Rethinking Capitalism Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0038 Algorithms, Logic and Structure Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0039 Disability, Chronic Illness and Neurodivergence in the Contemporary Society Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0040 Logic, Computation and Language Theory Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0041 Introduction into Politics: Key Concepts and Texts Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0042 Race, Gender and Feminism Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0045 Approaches to Global Politics Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0046 Power, Politics and Infrastructure Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0047 Machine Reasoning and Expert Systems Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0048 Computers and Human Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0049 Art and Interdisciplinarity 2 Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0055 The Art and Science of Public Health Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0056 Quantitative Methods 3: Models and Inference Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
BASC0057 Law in Action Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
BENG0027 Advanced Tech Journalism: Advanced Analysis and Communication in Engineering and Technology Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
CLAS0008 Ancient Ideas in the Modern World Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
ENGF0014 Engineering Thinking I Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
HEBR0006 Religion, State and Society Spring Term 15 (FHEQ)
MATH0012 Mathematical Methods for Arts and Sciences Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
MECH0008 Engineering Design Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)
SSFA0034 Methodologies of Drawing Fall Term 15 (FHEQ)

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