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Independent Studio Programme in Fine Art

Key Information

Module code
Subject area
Fine Art
Core module (More information about module levels)
Credit value
16/32 (US), 30/60 (ECTS), 30/60 (FHEQ)
Year, Fall Term, Spring Term

Module overview

Students may specialise in painting, sculpture or fine art media. Please note: students who select this programme take their full credit load in the Slade and can not select modules from other UCL departments.

The Slade offers a small number of places to undergraduate affiliate students of proven ability and commitment to study on the full-time Independent Studio Programme specialising in painting, sculpture or fine art media.

Students work in the studios and are assigned to a tutorial group which meets regularly. Students are expected to be highly motivated and, under the guidance of their personal tutor, able to generate and sustain their own programme of work. Members of the teaching staff of the undergraduate school are available for tutorials and students are expected to participate fully in studio and seminar programmes. First-hand study of works of art in galleries and museums is an essential part of the programme.