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Youth and Youth Movements in the Modern World

Key Information

Module code
Subject area
Level 3 (FHEQ 6) modules (More information about module levels)
Credit value
4 (US), 7.5 (ECTS), 15 (FHEQ)

Module overview

This module will critically examine the history of young people and youth movements in Britain and the wider world. It seeks to develop students’ appreciation of formal and informal educational settings in which youth and adolescence were situated in the past. The module covers a wide range of topics in the history of youth including: social constructions of youth and adolescence; leisure, culture and consumption; work and unemployment; justice and juvenile delinquency; youth movements and subcultures; and politics, protest and activism.

Students will further explore how young people’s experiences were shaped by concepts of gender, race, class and sexuality, and how this changed over time. Students will use historical sources and historiographical debates on youth and youth movements in order to understand, analyse and evaluate the experiences of young people over time.