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Essential information for all scholarship applicants

These web pages provide information about funding available for study at UCL. Most of the schemes listed are only open to prospective and current UCL students, but we also provide information about schemes that are available for study at any UK universities. Application procedures described on our website are generally those for study at UCL.

Types of funding

Funding schemes include scholarships, awards, prizes, medals, bursaries, and loans.

UCL definitions:

  1. Academic Achievement, Merit and Potential are Scholarships, Awards, Prizes and Medals. Scholarships will normally be of a higher value than Prizes and Medals. Prizes and Medals are usually awarded to current students only.
  2. Financial Need and Hardship are Bursaries, Grants and Loan schemes.

Eligibility criteria

Before applying for funding, you must ensure that you fulfil all the eligibility criteria of the scholarship scheme as given in the scholarship description and/or on the scholarship application form.

Candidates who do not meet the eligibility criteria cannot be considered for funding.

For most funding schemes, only students currently enrolled and/or candidates holding an offer of admission to UCL for the relevant academic year, as specified in the scholarship descriptions, can be considered for funding.

It is therefore strongly recommended that applications for admission to UCL are submitted as early as possible and certainly no later than four weeks before a scholarship/funding application deadline to ensure an offer of a place has been made when applying for funding.

Applicants without an offer of admission to UCL when applying for funding may be excluded from the selection process.

Several funding schemes are open to students which pay or contribute towards their tuition fees, either at the UK/EU "Home" rate or at the Overseas rate. Fee status will be assessed on the basis of your application for admission to UCL (see above), and will be shown in your offer of admission. Please check a schemes web page to determine whether it is open to UK, EU and Overseas applicants.

Application Procedure

Application procedures are given for each of the schemes advertised on the Scholarships and Funding website. Many schemes require you to complete an application form. Most application forms can be found online on the relevant scholarship pages. With your application form, or in some cases instead of an application form, you may be required to submit further documentation, a letter, curriculum vitae, or a piece of work; this will be indicated under Application Procedure and Deadline for each scholarship described and/or on the relevant application form.

Incomplete applications are excluded from the selection process.

Guidelines for applying for scholarships

  • Your scholarship application must be complete to be valid. We will not inform you whether your application has been received, whether it is complete, nor contact you for missing documents. Incomplete applications are invalid and will not be processed. For any scholarship, the application procedures and/or form will advise you of the additional documentation needed.
  • If you would like to be considered for funding for more than one programme of study, you must submit separate scholarship applications (including full documentation) for each of the programmes for which you are seeking funding.
  • Please ensure that all information is typed if possible. The presentation and legibility of your application does matter. If you are unable to type the form and required documents, please explain why, and make sure you write legibly (in black ink).
  • If you are required to complete an application form, please complete all relevant fields. Do not provide information on separate sheets unless the form tells you to do so.
  • With any scholarship application, please make sure you include a valid email address.
  • Please only send us complete applications (i.e. applications including all required documents). All applications received by the relevant application date are treated equally; sending your application early will not increase your chances.
  • Please enclose any additional documentation required for your application to be valid. Please do not enclose any documents not requested.
  • Please send copies of required documents, not originals, as documents will not be returned.
  • If you must send required documents separately (in order not to miss a specific deadline), please note this in the application form. Each document sent separately must be marked “Scholarship Application for (your name)" and “Student ID number” (if you have one) at the top of each page.
  • Before posting your application to us, please re-read it carefully for accuracy and make sure you keep a copy of your application for your files.
  • Please do not fold your application, but use an A4 envelope to post it to us.
  • Please do not include your scholarship application with your application for admission. Each application must be sent separately to the relevant sections within UCL.
  • We are unable to confirm receipt of applications.
  • Please note that scholarships are calculated to be sufficient for the applicant only, funds are not intended to support family members.
  • Only successful applicants or reserve candidates will normally be notified.

Scholarship application deadlines

Unless otherwise indicated, application deadline dates shown relate to scholarships for study or research commencing in the academic year after the deadline date.

Scholarship deadlines are to be strictly adhered to. Applications arriving after published deadlines are excluded from the selection process. Applicants should take into account the time required for mail sent from their home country to arrive in the UK.

Where no deadline is given, applicants should enquire about possible closing dates. We generally recommend applying for these scholarships at least 12 months before the proposed academic year of entry.

Scholarship value: benefits and duration

Where a scholarship includes the payment of fees, this applies exclusively to tuition fees. Any additional fees charged (e.g. bench fees) are not normally covered.

Scholarship selection criteria

UCL Scholarships are primarily awarded on the basis of academic merit rather than according to financial need. Successful applicants will be students with outstanding academic potential and will have achieved excellent results in the qualifications already obtained.

It is in the applicant's interest to complete application forms and statements as neatly as possible to help departments and Selection Panel Members in their assessment of applications.

Notification of scholarship results

Scholarship applications are judged by UCL academics. In the case of schemes funded or co-funded by external organisations, an initial selection of applicants chosen by a panel of UCL academics may be put before a panel convened by the funding organisation. The selection process generally takes 6-8 weeks from the deadline although, in some cases, the process may take longer, particularly if external sponsors are also involved. Successful applicants will be notified by email and receive an official award offer by mail to the mailing or correspondence address provided in the scholarship application.

Scholarship regulations

Prospective students may apply for funding under any scheme for which they are eligible. However, it is normally only possible to hold one Scholarship at any one time. An exception is made in the case of Graduate Research Scholarships (GRS) and Overseas Research Scholarships (ORS), which can be held at the same time.

Applicants are obliged to provide information about any other funding secured, and to inform the Student Funding Office if they secure any additional funding after receiving and accepting an award offer.

Funding is not available retrospectively; any funding granted will apply from the beginning of the academic session following the scholarship application deadline.

Any funding granted is payable only upon full enrolment of the scholarship-holder. Funding granted for a period longer than one academic year is subject to annual renewal depending on satisfactory academic progress by the scholarship-holder.

Termination of scholarships

Scholarships may be terminated at any time if an unsatisfactory progress report is received from the academic department, if the scholarship-holder ceases to be a full-time registered student at UCL, or if the scholarship-holder is found in contravention of the scholarship regulations.

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*NOTE: All scholarship and student funding schemes are subject to availability of funds, and details given here are subject to change at any time. Potential applicants are urged to check information regularly to ensure they are aware of current procedures, deadlines etc.

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