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UCL East

We are opening a new campus on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford in east London this autumn. It is the biggest expansion in our history and will give our students and researchers the scale and space we need to find solutions to the biggest challenges facing people and the planet. 

UCL East

Our new UCL East campus

Our One Pool Street building is opening in autumn 2022 and Marshgate in 2023. Both will be home to innovative new degrees. One Pool Street will also include student accommodation. 

We’re bringing diverse talents and minds together to make an impact in the world. From architecture to robotics, media to creative art and technology, heritage to engineering you will be learning in spaces and state-of-the art facilities designed to spur collaboration and innovation and to support new approaches to practical learning. 

You will have the chance to get involved in projects in the local community and take your skills and learning beyond the lab or lecture theatre to give you vital skills for the workplace. 

The Park around the campus is a living landscape of biodiversity and a testbed for ground-breaking innovation, with world class sport, leisure and shopping facilities just a few minutes’ walk away too. Our new UCL campus is also part of East Bank, London’s newest education, culture and innovation district. 

Degree programmes at UCL East have been developed by some of our most disruptive thinkers at UCL: identifying gaps in industry, as well as foreseeing global trends. Academics have come together across subjects and disciplines to design these innovative new courses – many of which will be the first of their kind in the world – allying interdisciplinary breadth to knowledge depth to offer students solid foundations on which to build their career. 

Students will be encouraged to make the most of being in the heart of vibrant east London by engaging with the local communities to gain a first-hand understanding of real-world needs – and the real-world impact they can make.  

Students at UCL East will have many options to make an impact in their local area, including through volunteering opportunities and outreach work, but also as part of their degree programmes. Enhancing the learning by breaking the boundary between theory and practice, most degree programmes will encourage students to conduct research in the local context, or to deliver a project co-designed with local community organisations.  

This will give students the chance to explore issues through a variety of perspectives, developing ways to think outside-the-box. 

Additionally, students will benefit from UCL East’s location on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park by having a constant connection to nature, biodiversity, and sustainability. The ‘Shazam for Bats’ project is a great example of the sort of sustainable initiatives that students will be able to get involved with.  

By exploring the activity of bats on the Olympic Park through a network of prototype smart monitors, we now have a detailed picture of bat life throughout this large urban area. This provides critical knowledge about the general health of the natural environment, since a healthy bat population suggests a healthy biodiversity more generally. 

Whatever programme they follow, students at UCL East will learn about sustainability in a way that is relevant to their field of study, so that they can best respond to future needs and global issues.  

Based in buildings that showcase the latest sustainability best practice, our programmes are establishing UCL East firmly as the university campus of the future. 

Study at UCL East

Study at UCL East

Discover the postgraduate programmes that will be moving to UCL East over the next few years. 

Life at UCL East

Life at UCL East

Explore the area of east London and why studying at UCL East will be a unique experience.