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UCL Industry Exchange Network (UCL IXN)

UCL Industry Exchange Network (UCL IXN) partners students, from BSc 1st year to MSc, with industry mentors, enabling these students to engage with real-world problem-based learning through client projects.

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  • Watch the F'AI'R AI for the Common Good hackathon 2019, for UNESCO, UN, British Embassy Paris and X5GON video below

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Minerva Equality Award 2020

UCL Computer Science received the 2020 Minerva Informatics Equality Award in recognition of outstanding support for the transition of female PhD and Postdoctoral Researchers into Faculty positions.

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Blockchain (new MSc’s launching Sept 2021)

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Computer Graphics, Vision & Imaging
Virtual Reality MRes
Robotics and Computation
Robotics MRes

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Computational Statistics and Machine Learning
Data Science and Machine Learning
Machine Learning

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Computer Science

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Student Testimonial: 
Rachel Slater 
Job title: Software Engineer @ Microsoft Vancouver & Seattle 
Graduated in 2017, MSc Computer Science 
UCL IXN projects: 
My final summer (independent) project, facilitated by IXN, was in partnership with UCLH PEACH Reality (Platform for Enhanced Analytics and Computational Healthcare) and Microsoft - I built a genome browser application for the HoloLens (mixed reality) device. 
I also worked on a mid-year group project, which involved building a prototype portal for IXN to display projects & work delivered via these student-industry partnerships. 

How did the UCL IXN deepen your technical understanding? 
The IXN final summer project presented me with an opportunity to truly dive in the deep end with exciting technology, which was brand-new to me. As it was an independent project, it became critical to get good at reading documentation, understanding the fundamentals, and effectively problem-solving. The project was fast-paced, and my application had a number of challenging deliverables. The experience of developing a successful HoloLens application taught me so much technically, but also built confidence in what I was capable of. 

How did this impact your understanding of Computer Science? 
My IXN final summer project involved building a brand-new HoloLens application, and the lack of legacy code, existing architecture, or design paradigms, meant that I had to research this myself from the outset. This contributed to my fundamental understanding of CS & Software Engineering, and these skills have stood the test of time - they continue to be relevant in my current engineering role. 

Any further notes? 
Deciding to pursue the Computer Science Master's at UCL was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I've made. It truly set me up for the great career I have now. The IXN program was fundamental to this. I'm extremely grateful!

Disability, Design and Innovation

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Financial Risk Management
Computational Finance

Two University College London programmes feature in this year’s Risk.net quant guide. Both programmes are ranked in the top 20 – the Financial Risk Management MSc at 20 and the Computational Finance MSc at 19 – which also puts them among the highest-ranked programmes in Europe. 
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everis UK has undertaken a collaborative project to integrate the rigorous research of Msc in Financial Risk Management to the corporate world. 
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Information Security

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Software Systems Engineering

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