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Construction and Project Management

An international centre of excellence in the teaching and research of project management, real estate and economics. We offer an inspiring choice of programmes, taking in construction economics, infrastructure finance and project leadership.

The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management

As projects grow in size and scope, the study of how to manage and finance them grows in relevance. We deal with skills that are transferable and honed for modern, project-based organisations.

Research and News

Healthcare Facilities MSc

European Healthcare Design Congress 2020

Inaugural Ann Noble Research Award Presentation

How can medical architecture support the hotel & hospitality industry in the (post) COVID era?

Delegates from Italy visit BREI through MSc Healthcare Facilities

Learning Environments MSc

Educating the City: Project Developments

Educating the City

Improving children’s experience of place in temporary settlements

Inclusive Practices

Project Lighthouse

News/Written findings

Working miracles: The office design revolution [RIBAJ]

Imagining post-coronavirus learning environments

Learning Environments in a time of coronavirus

Gown beyond Town: Considering the Satellite Campus

Construction and Project Management

Researchers can have impact on important real-world problem by studying corporate corruption

European Commission report – Compendium of Large Infrastructure Projects

Is Covid-19 the largest megaproject of modern history?

Why megaprojects go wrong: UCL research finds the main causes and solutions for project failure

Academics and students 

Academic profiles

Dr Evangelia Chrysikou

Dr Jos Boys

Prof Alexi Marmot

Dr Natalya Sergeeva

Dr Judy Stephenson

Dr Eleni Papadonikolaki

Prof Michael Pitt

Prof Tim Broyd

Dr Zhen Ye

Dr Vedran Zerjav

Dr Simon Addyman

Dr Juliano Denicol

Dr Nikodem Szumilo


Student profiles

NHS Student Profile: Amanda Maunders

Tres Sieppel (USA) - MSc International Real Estate & Planning, 2012 

Taster sessions and interviews


Please watch the 3 interviews that are related to the Digital Innovation in Built Asset Management MSc

Taster sessions

Taster session: MSc Project and Enterprise Management 

Taster session: MSc Digital Engineering Management