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Develop your entrepreneurial skills and thinking

Take control of your future. UCL Innovation & Enterprise offers you the chance to develop the vital entrepreneurial skills and mindset you will need in order to flourish. No matter what career you have ahead of you, skills to innovate and to be entrepreneurial will be valuable.

Whether it’s learning more about entrepreneurship and business, or developing your own entrepreneurial flair, take advantage of UCL’s extensive extracurricular entrepreneurship programme and business support – available virtually and on campus.

We can help you:

  • Gain a competitive edge and equip yourself with real-world transferable skills that can be useful in any market, industry or sector.
  • With the safety net of UCL behind you, start your own business or social enterprise. Get expert, practical and confidential advice to help kick start and grow your own venture. You’ll also have access to free dynamic office space that’s available for UCL student start-ups.
  • Take advantage of our dedicated doctoral student entrepreneurship programme (SPERO). You’ll boost your career outlook by learning how to spot opportunities, maximise resources, generate ideas and improve your personal effectiveness. You can also receive support in setting up your own startup venture.
  • Plug into London’s ecosystem

Make the most of your time at UCL. Explore UCL Entrepreneurship.


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Success Stories

London Cognition

UCL startup, London Cognition, applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) and gaming to neuroscience to understand how the brain works, helping businesses and athletes perform better. The PhD research of Javid Jafari Farahani (UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience) became a company with clients including Google, the sports world, finance and healthcare organisations. Projects include helping Premier League clubs identify and develop future stars, and assessing and improving staff cognitive performance at a leading pharmaceutical company.

Read the full success story on the UCL Innovation & Enterprise website.


UCL startup Musemio is developing mobile virtual reality games that allow children to explore arts and culture in a fun, inspiring and accessible way. Co-founded by Kaitlin Fritz (MSc Art History) and Olga Kravchenko, Musemio has attracted a litany of awards and taken part in prestigious programmes and accelerators and has received over £150,000 in grants, scholarships, and equity investment. They’ve worked with over 3,000 pupils across the UK and Finland and are working with museums and cultural organisations around the world on collaborative digital initiatives.

Read the full success story on the UCL Innovation & Enterprise website.