International Students


Virtual event FAQs and troubleshooting

Find answers to common questions and solutions to problems you might have during our virtual events


Can I invite my friend to an event?

Yes, for public events. Just forward the invitation email or link to them.

No, if it is an event for offer holders – if they receive an offer we will invite them directly.

Can I invite my parent/guardian to an event?

It would be better if they joined one of our events for parents and guardians. They may also find our dedicated website useful.




I am lost and cannot find my presentation or Q&A

Check your emails for the link. Once you are logged in the link should take you directly to where you need to be.

Once a presentation finishes you will normally be directed to a different page for a Q&A. This is done via a link in a popup. If you can't see one, try refreshing the page.

We also have an information point and agenda of events within our virtual events platform.

Can I talk to people from other departments?

Yes, just open any booth. If people are not currently available you will be able to leave a message for staff. The booth may also indicate when they will next be online.


The presentation is not playing

Try clicking the presentation widget (window). It should resume playback in the same position as other viewers.

Don't worry if you've missed parts of it – we can usually share it with you to watch at your convenience afterwards, but this may take a few days.

I arrived late and the presentation has finished

We can usually share presentations with you to watch at your convenience, but this may take a few days. For the time being you should join the Q&A (or similar). For many events this is via a popup box containing a link to a booth chat area.


Can I ask about anything?

Yes, within reason. Staff will advise you on other options if they cannot answer your questions. We ask students to be honest about their experiences.

No one has answered my question, can I repeat it?

Yes, if it has been a while. But you should check that someone is not already wiritng an answer (it will say someone is responding under the question if that is the case). We try to ensure that all questions are answered, even if we have to signpost you elsewhere. 


Where can I talk to other applicants and visitors?

Besides our Q&As, we have networking areas for undergraduates and postgraduates that are open during open days and events.

We also have offer holders' networking areas for students with an offer of study from us. You will receive the link in emails after you receive your offer.

Can I talk to people on WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat etc.?

Yes, at your own risk and discretion. Always remember that you are interacting with strangers on the internet and take appropriate precautions. Posting your WhatsApp number or Instagram handle will make it visible to all visitors.

Recordings and future access

Can I watch the presentation again?

If this is not specificed, check with the department no earlier than a week after the event. Recordings of many presentations are shared with people who RSVP'd afterwards.

Can I check the Q&A after the event?

For privacy reasons questions and answers from events are normally hidden after a short time. But you are welcome to follow up with the event organiser.