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Student testimonials - United States of America

This page includes testimonials gathered from UCL students from the United States of America. Learn more about their experience at UCL by clicking on each student.

A day in the life of a UCL postgrad student

Join Helen, an MSc Global Migration student, as she shows us her typical day as a postgraduate at UCL.

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Student testimonials

Sarah Pitafi
"I was amazed by how unique the programme offerings were, and wanted to gain a more international perspective on multidisciplinary fields."

Sarah Pitafi's story

MA Philosophy, Politics, Economics of Health
Carbondale, Illinois

image of Anna Landre
"I came to UCL because it hosts the Global Disability Innovation Hub (GDI Hub), a fantastic group that does work at the confluence of many of my interests. The more I got to know the people there, the more I knew it was the place for me."

Anna Landre

PhD in Computer Science / Global Disability Innovation Hub
Howell, New Jersey, USA

Amar Bhardwaj student
"I have a background in sustainable energy engineering from my undergraduate study, and when I came to the UK for graduate study through the Marshall Scholarship, I wanted a programme that would equip me to bring my technical expertise to government to help inform sustainable energy policy."

Amar Bhardwaj's story

MPA Energy, Technology and Public Policy    
New York, USA

Spencer Kean - UCL Student
"UCL has been much more engaging than my high school. I feel as if I can have meaningful and intellectual conversations with my professors about topics they specialise in; it’s like talking to an open encyclopaedia."

Kean Spencer's story

BA History Politics and Economics        
Portland, Oregon, USA

image of Isaiah Fleming-Klink
"As someone who studies housing, both the Bartlett and London seemed like the best places to be to not only learn inside the classroom, but also observe and apply what I learn in the classroom to real life."

Isaiah Fleming-Klink's story

MSc Housing and City Planning
United States

image of Cesar Cortorreal
"I enjoy the topics of discussion in my courses. Centring social justice within education allows for an interdisciplinary, critical approach toward education to inform better education practice, thought, pedagogy, theory, and more."

Cesar (CJ) Cortorreal's story

MA Social Justice and Education    
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

"What attracted me most to UCL was the breadth of neuroscientific research across various departments—specifically the work of Dr. Michael Hausser, a leading pioneer in neurotechnology and neural computation. I really admire his philosophy in research, which is that the questions we ask about the world around us shouldn’t be limited to the technologies available to us."

Evelyn Wong's story

MPhil Division of Medicine (Neural Computation Lab)
Los Angeles, California, USA   

"The prospect of attending a world-class university whilst being in a city I wanted to live in on the other side of the world from home was the main attraction!"

Nathan Yang's story

BA Geography with Social Data Science                
California, USA

"I was attracted to UCL because, for one, there’s no better place to study urban planning than in LONDON! Also, the programme at UCL offered many opportunities for hands-on engagement with local planning projects and processes, which was something I was really looking for in a planning programme."

Mike Tormey's story

MSc International Planning            
Boston, USA