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Fees and funding

Tuition fees

Financial matters are a concern for all students, and careful planning is important. You will have to pay tuition fees for the programme you are undertaking and will need money to cover your living expenses.

Tuition fees

UCL's tuition fees are set annually and cover registration, tuition and supervision for each academic year, or part of the academic year that you are enrolled. Tuition fees are subject to an annual increase of up to 5%, which should be accounted for when you are applying for a programme.

Fees are normally quoted at the full-time rate, except where the programme is offered part-time or modular/flexible only. Fees for part-time or modular study are normally charged at approximately pro-rata.

Details about fees for individual programmes can be found on the specific programme information accessible via www.ucl.ac.uk/graduate/research.

Additional Fee Element

Research programmes at UCL may be subject to an Additional Fee Element (AFE). The AFE (also known as a bench fees) is levied to cover the additional costs related to consumables, equipment and materials etc. which are not included in the tuition fee and is applied to a minority of research programmes. As each PhD project is unique in nature, the AFE is calculated on a student by student basis and is determined by your academic supervisor.

The AFE is banded into four fixed amounts: £1,000, £2,500, £5,000, £10,000 with one further band for variable sums over £10,000.

Please contact your supervisor directly for advice on whether or not your programme will incur an AFE. You will be notified of any AFE in your offer letter.

Tuition fee classification

The level of tuition fee charged will also depend on whether you are classified as a UK, EU, Overseas or Islands student. It is likely that you will already know which category you will fall but this will be confirmed if you are offered a place to study at UCL. Your fee classification plays no part in deciding whether or not to offer you a place to study at UCL.

Each student's fee classification is determined in accordance with the 2007 Education (Fees and Awards) (England) Regulations (SI No. 779) and subsequent amendments, and is based upon information that you have provided on your application.

Further details of how your tuition fee status is determined, and who to contact is you wish to query the decision on your fee classification, can be found www.ucl.ac.uk/students/fees-and-funding/pay-your-fees/fee-schedules/student-fee-status

Note for EU students

For EU students accepting a place on a programme as a Home/EU fee student for entry in the academic year 2018/19, the UK Government has confirmed that funding arrangements will also allow them to pay the same tuition fees as UK students for the duration of the student's enrolment on that specific programme (subject to any annual increase in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions and the UCL fees schedule)

In addition, they will remain eligible for financial support in the form of student loans and grants in 2018/19, even if the degree concludes after the UK’s exit from the EU.

Read the UK Government statement here: www.gov.uk/government/news/government-confirms-funding-for-eu-students-for-2018-to-2019

For up-to-date information relating to specific key questions following the UK's decision to leave the EU, please see UCL's dedicated EU Referendum website.

Paying your tuition fee 

For full-time and part-time students your tuition fee will normally be quoted on your offer letter. For flexible/modular students, fees will be assessed according to the number of credits selected, therefore a fee will not be quoted on your offer letter.

Information relating to fees and how and when to pay them is available at www.ucl.ac.uk/students/fees/pay-your-fees/schedules

You must pay at least 1/3 of your tuition fee before or at enrolment to be fully enrolled, or provide a letter of sponsorship indicating who should be invoiced for your fee.

Students can pay in three equal instalments; the first before or at enrolment, the second by 7 February 2019 and the third by 2 May 2019. No charge is made for paying in instalments, and no more than two instalments are permitted. No discount is offered for paying in full at the start of your programme.

Specific enquiries related to fees should be directed to:

UCL Fees
+44 (0)20 3108 7284


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