UCL Graduate degrees


Fees and costs

An indication of the costs associated with studying for a graduate research programme at UCL is given below.

The figures stated are the full-time tuition fees for the 2020/21 academic year and do not include fees set by other providers. Part-time or modular fees are normally charged pro-rata. Further information on UCL's tuition fees is available on the UCL Students website.

Guide to UCL's tuition fees

Costs associated with graduate research programmes at UCL

 UK/EU studentsOverseas students
UCL tuition fees (2020/21 entry)£5,210 – £17,590£17,590 – £44,780
Living costs*c.£15,184c.£15,184
Additional Fee Element (AFE)£0 – >£10,000£0 – >£10,000

How is the figure for living costs calculated?

The figure for living costs is intended as a guide and includes accommodation, food, travel and other day-to-day costs, all of which vary. It is based on a single graduate student studying for a full-year. A guide to expenses while you study can be found on the UCL Students website.

What is the Additional Fee Element (AFE)?

An AFE (also known as a bech fee) is sometimes levied to cover additional costs related to a research degree (usually in STEM areas). As each PhD project is unique this fee, where applied, is determined by your academic supervisor; please contact your supervisor directly for advice on whether or not your programme will incur an AFE. You will be notified of any AFE in your offer letter. Further information on the AFE is available on the UCL Students website.