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Entrepreneurship at UCL

Our entrepreneurship scheme, UCL Innovation & Enterprise, helps students and alumni, academics and researchers from across the university to transform their knowledge into action.

UCL has a rich history of discovery and invention spanning over 100 years. At UCL Innovation & Enterprise we’re helping to nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs, thinkers and change-makers, equipped to deal with a rapidly changing world. 

Our entrepreneurship team supports UCL students, staff and alumni develop their entrepreneurial skills and thinking – and even launch their own business. Our tailored free extracurricular programmes will give you the skills, insight and experience to help you kick start you dream career and make a difference in the world.

Last year alone (2018-19) 71 graduate startups were born, creating 184 full-time jobs and raising £9.37million of external investment.We create a vibrant, entrepreneurial culture: one where people can start new careers, build new businesses and solve some of the bigger challenges we face as a society. We support our students, staff, researchers, and alumni to develop the skills they need to build a successful business – and help them start to think and act like entrepreneurs too.

From fintech to femtech, the UCL community have honed and developed successful ideas for businesses and social enterprises whilst at UCL. They’ve also taken those entrepreneurial skills and helped to shape new products and services in companies they go on to work for.

UCL Innovation & Enterprise

Here's how we can help

  • The Explore and Launch programmes help you develop a business idea or clarify a business model with the chance to pitch for seed funding.
  • Our Enterprise boot camp introduces how businesses operate – learning practical business and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Our dedicated training for doctoral students will help you develop entrepreneurial skills and explore ways of using your research to develop a career outside of traditional academic pathways.

If you’re ready to start your own business or social enterprise, you can access The Hatchery – our dynamic startup space, and in-house business advisors offering mentoring and support. You’ll be able to join our diverse network of creative and ambitious students, staff and alumni as well as members of the local community and be able to bounce ideas off each other and network with like-minded peers. 

Success stories

Case study: Kalgera

Dr Dexter Penn (Health and Medical Sciences MSc) founded Kalgera, an innovative new mobile and web application that is helping to protect the finances of vulnerable adults, including the elderly, who are at risk of online fraud and scamming. Total investment raised in 2018 was £300,000.

Case study: Musemio

Kaitlin Fritz (History of Art MA) and King’s College London alumna Olga Kravchenko founded edtech startup Musemio, which is developing innovative mobile virtual reality games that allow children to explore arts and culture. They are working with over 3,000 pupils across the UK and Finland and gaining international cultural partners.