UCL Graduate degrees


Living costs

In addition to paying your tuition fees you will also need to consider how you are going to meet your living costs while you are studying. Funds will be required to cover the costs of your accommodation, food and travel as well as other costs associated with your studies, such as books, and everyday life, such as clothes and entertainment.

Estimates of how much money you will need may vary considerably, as the lifestyles and circumstances of individual students differ. For a single, graduate student studying for a full year, an estimated average would be in the region of £387 per week or £20,124 for the year. This should be considered only as a guide; some students may find they can live within this allowance, yet others may find it insufficient to meet their expectations.

As a guide, the cost per week of your main items of expenditure is likely to be around:


Per year (52 weeks)

Per week

Rent£10,920£210 (average)
Household goods£468£9
Insurance £102£1.97
Personal items*£2,548£49
Leisure items**£1,664£32
Books and equipment (includes laptop)£676£13

* Personal items include clothing, mobile phone bills, medical expenses, toiletries and other small personal items.


** Leisure items include hobbies, sport, entertainment subscriptions, social and cultural activities


*** Travel can vary according to where your accommodation is located. This is the price for a weekly zone 1 Student Oyster pass.

Students who have a dependent spouse and/or children will require a significantly greater amount. All students should be aware that they will incur initial expenses such as a deposit for accommodation and the purchase of books. Some international students may also need to buy clothing for the British climate.

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