Graduate degree apprenticeships

Degree apprenticeships are a unique type of programme that combines full-time paid work with part-time study. Apprentices split their time between university study and the workplace and gain a Master’s level qualification whilst getting on-the-job experience in their chosen profession.

Key information about degree apprenticeships

Degree apprentices receive a level 7 Master’s qualification and have a graduation ceremony along with other UCL graduates.

The UCL experience

Attend in-person training on campus, or in a virtual learning environment whilst you work.

Earn while you learn

All degree apprentices earn a competitive salary throughout the duration of their apprenticeship.

Meet employer needs

We deliver industry approved programmes that meet specific business needs and fill skills gaps.

Upskill in your chosen career

You'll develop new knowledge, skills and experience to advance your career and add real value to your organisation.

Our apprenticeship programmes

Find out what our courses cover, the entry requirements and the qualification they lead to.

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Spatial Planning Degree Apprenticeship MSc – Chartered Town Planner

This course combines the educational elements of UCL's existing Spatial Planning MSc with supported workplace learning and practical experience meeting the requirements of the RTPI's Chartered Town Planning Apprenticeship standard.

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Clinical Associate in Psychology (Adult Mental Health) Apprenticeship Programme MSc

This course aims to train psychology graduates to become skilled professional Clinical Associates in Psychology (CAP), working within Adult Mental Health.

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Advanced Clinical Practice in Ophthalmology (integrated degree apprenticeship) MSc

This programme aims to meet the growing demand for ophthalmic care and is delivered in conjunction with eligible UK employers.

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Systems Engineering Master's Degree Apprenticeship

This programme aims to equip you with an integrated, interdisciplinary view of complex systems and systems engineering.

Hear from the employers we work with

I have been working with UCL since 2021. We have a number of employees undertaking the MSc Spatial Planning Degree Apprenticeship. From start to finish the process has been fantastic and very supportive. Those studying have found the course interesting and informative with opportunities for field trips and varied forms of learning. Overall, an excellent course and experience for students and employers.

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Grow and nurture your talent

Apprenticeship schemes are an asset to organisations.  

Employers can respond to their buisness needs by accessing programmes which: 

  • address important skills gaps,  
  • create opportunities for the development of employees, and  
  • gain direct access to cutting-edge knowledge.
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Contact us to learn more

For any questions about degree apprenticeships, support with applying for an apprenticeship, partnering with us on an existing programme, or if you would like to work with us on developing a new programme for your organisation, please contact us via email.

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UCL Degree Apprenticeships