General conditions for entry

In addition to any specific conditions stipulated, UCL's offer of admission is also subject to the following standard conditions.


That you provide original evidence (translated into English if applicable) of the qualifications that entitle you to be registered for the programme to which you have been offered admission.

Electronic versions of documents must be in one of the following formats: PDF, JPG, DOC and DOCX and less than 5MB.

Photocopies must be authenticated by the awarding body.

Details of the necessary procedures will be forwarded to you separately shortly before enrolment.

You will not be permitted to enrol until such documentation has been received.

Tuition fee status

That in accepting this offer you agree to pay tuition fees at the rate stated overleaf. Should you wish to challenge UCL’s assessment you must write to UCL within three months of the date of this letter. 

If your fee status is undetermined, you must return the enclosed fee status questionnaire as soon as possible and no later than three months of the date of this letter. Please note if your tuition fee status is still undetermined at the point of invoice, you will be invoiced at the Overseas rate of tuition fees.

UCL determines whether the UK/EU or Overseas rate of tuition fees should be charged in accordance with the Education (Fees and Awards)(England) Regulations 2007 and subsequent amendments but shall judge each case as it shall see fit at its absolute discretion.

Tuition fees

That you formally accept responsibility for the payment to UCL of the tuition fees in respect of your programme, although it is understood that a sponsor may in fact pay those tuition fees. Any tuition fee quoted overleaf is for guidance only and the definitive tuition fee will be quoted on your Portico account.

Tuition fees should be paid prior to enrolment.

UCL recognises that your acceptance of this offer of admission will be subject to the availability of sufficient funding. Should you be unable to secure sufficient funding and decide either to withdraw your acceptance or to apply for deferred admission, please inform Admissions as soon as possible.

Proficiency in the English Language

A good command of English is required by students to undertake their programme successfully. A list of acceptable English language qualifications is enclosed if UCL specifies on your offer of admission that you must meet this requirement.

Please note, any extra expense incurred in doing so will be your responsibility.

Criminal convictions

You are required to declare whether or not you have any criminal conviction(s). If you answer 'yes', you are required to provide further information about the relevant conviction(s).

Your offer of admission is conditional upon you not having a criminal conviction that UCL deems makes it unsuitable for you to be admitted to your proposed programme of study.

Please note that for the purposes of this exercise a criminal offence excludes motoring offences for which a fine and/or up to three penalty points on a driving licence were imposed. All information will be treated with the utmost confidence.

In the case of those who apply to UCL via our on-line application, information on criminal convictions is collected at the application stage and no further information is required when responding to our offer of admission unless you received a criminal conviction between applying and receiving the offer.

You are required to inform UCL of any criminal conviction(s) between application and enrolment.

UCL reserves the right not to admit a student convicted of a serious criminal offence between offer of admission and enrolment.

Further general conditions

That upon registering you agree to abide by the present rules, regulations and statutes of UCL. The more important of those rules and regulations are summarised in the UCL Registry website. In addition, research students must adhere to the UCL Doctoral School Code of Practice, please consult the UCL Doctoral School website.

All students are required to enrol with the UCL Registry within two weeks of the start of their programme.

If having started a programme, a student's academic progress is unsatisfactory; UCL reserves the right to require any student to withdraw from the programme.

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