Graduate Offers Holders


Step 8: Meeting the conditions of your offer

You must meet all your conditions and hold an unconditional offer before you can enrol.

What is the deadline for me to meet the conditions of my offer? 

If you need a visa to study at UCL we encourage you to supply us with the documents to clear your offer conditions as soon as possible.  

You should submit your documents no later than: 

  • the end of August (for September starters), or  
  • four weeks before the start of your course (for all other entry points).  

This is to ensure that there is enough time to receive a revised offer, get your visa and enrol before your classes start.  

If you do not need to apply for a visa, you should submit the documents to clear your offer conditions by: 

  • the first Wednesday in September (for September starters), or 
  • three weeks before the start of your course (for all other entry points).  

If circumstances mean that you will not be able to meet your offer conditions by these dates, please contact the Graduate Admissions Team

What documents do I need to provide?

Academic degree documents

Your offer letter will outline exactly which degree documents you need to provide.  

Remember that:  

  • All the documents you provide must be official and have your full name. 
  • Degree documents must include the full name of your qualification and an award/graduation date. 
  • We cannot accept print-outs of results or unofficial results.  
  • We cannot accept transcripts or notifications of results issued by academic departments. 
  • Transcripts or notifications must be issued by the central Registry Office.  
  • If your documents are not issued in English you must also provide official translations from your institution or official translator. 

We cannot accept anything other than final official documents to meet the conditions of your offer. 

Country specific documents


You must provide: 

  • your final transcript, issued on or after the date of graduation, 
  • your degree certificate,  
  • your graduation certificate and  
  • your official grade certificate (成绩证明) confirming your percentage average, issued on or after the date of graduation.  

If your university does not issue official grade certificates, we will determine your weighted average based on the information provided in your transcript. 


You will need to provide: 

  • your provisional degree certificate and 
  • your official final transcript.  

If you have studied at an affiliate college your provisional degree certificate and transcript must be issued by the awarding institution (rather than the affiliate college). 


We will accept a notification of results if: 

  • it is official,  
  • has your full name,  
  • has the full name of your qualification,  
  • has your degree result, and  
  • has the date of issue.  

You will still need to supply your final transcript.

English Language conditions

If you need to take an English language test to meet your offer conditions, we recommend that you book a test as early as possible. 

Test centres are busy throughout the year and during the summer it may be several weeks before you are able to take a test. 

If you are providing English language test scores you must provide your official results. UCL will not accept screenshots of your results portal.  

We need to use your unique test identification number to verify your test scores with the test provider.  

Some test providers also require you to share your scores with us through your test portal.

Read more about recognised tests for UCL applications

Documentation from employers

If you are supplying a letter from your employer to confirm your language proficiency it must:

  • be issued on company headed paper
  • have your full name, 
  • have the dates of your employment and state that your business is conducted in English.

It is important that you supply the correct documents as not doing so will cause delays in updating your offer.

Read more about UCL's English Language requirements

How do I provide UCL with documents to clear my offer conditions?

You must upload copies to the ‘upload documents’ section of the applicant portal, if: 

  • you have an academic condition, and  
  • have received your degree documents and transcripts from your university.  

Proof of English language proficiency must also be uploaded to the applicant portal.  

You will receive an email around 1–3 days after your offer is issued which invites you to upload the documents via the application portal. 

If your university offers an online transcript service, you can also ask them to send your transcripts to us by email or via an online transcript service. Services such as: 

  • GradIntellegence,  
  • Parchment, or  
  • National Student Clearing House.  

Ask them to share your official final transcript with our email address: 


This email address is only for universities to share degree documentation. This email address is not for enquiries.

How long will it take Graduate Admissions to review my documents?

Once we have received your documents, we will process them as quickly as we can.  

We receive a very large number of documents between June and September and need to review and process each one.  

So, we ask you to make sure you supply the correct documents. Supplying incorrect or unofficial documents causes significant delays. In most cases we review documents within three weeks of receiving them.  

Do not contact us to check the status of your offer unless you supplied your documents more than four weeks ago and have not heard from us.    

What if I have not met the conditions of my offer?

You should still upload your documents, even if you do not meet your academic offer condition. The Admissions team will still consider whether your offer can be confirmed.  

You can also upload more information about extenuating circumstances, if applicable. 

If you have not met your English language test condition but have received scores that meet the UCL Standard level, you can still supply your test scores to UCL for review.  

We cannot consider test scores that do not meet the UCL Standard level.  

We ask that you do not provide us with test scores that fall below the UCL Standard level. Instead, we recommend that you book another test as soon as possible.  

Remember, you do not need to take the same test again, you can instead take an alternative recognised test 

Read more about recognised English Language tests for UCL applicants 

Students holding an offer for Teacher Training

Medical fitness (Occupational Health) and Disclosure and Barring Service Clearance 

The Occupational Health Check is £90 and, depending on your DBS requirements, there may be an additional feel of £15 if you submit your DBS Enhanced Disclosure check visit the UK Postal Office.

Further information can be found on the Admissions section of the website.

Skills Test 

Applicants are no longer required to complete professional skills tests in literacy and numeracy.  

Trainees will be assured against a set of fundamental Mathematics and English skills by the end of their teacher training.