Graduate Offers Holders


Step 4: Keep your contact details updated

We will contact you by email with information about preparing to start your studies at UCL.

You must make sure that you can receive emails from UCL as they will have instructions about what you need to do next.

If an SI:UK agent applied for you 

Update your email address in the applicant portal if an SI:UK agent applied on your behalf. You may not have access to the email your agent used.

If you applied with a University email address 

Update your email address in the applicant portal if you applied using a university email address. You may not have access to your last university email address in the summer.

If we need to call you

In a small number of circumstances, we may contact you by telephone. Make sure that your telephone number is up to date.

Add UCL to your approved contacts

Add these two email addresses to your list of approved contacts so that you receive all the information you need to start at UCL: