Graduate Offers Holders


Step 2: Graduate offer-holders checklist

We encourage you to work through this checklist as early as possible.

Read your offer letter and the general conditions of entry 

You must read: 

  • UCL Student Relationship Terms, and  
  • any Additional Terms and Conditions specific to your programme.  

Your offer letter is available to you on the offer page of your applicant portal. It will provide you with the details of your course, tuition fee information, and any conditions specific to your offer.

Read UCL's general conditions of entry

Respond to your offer 

It is important that you accept or decline your offer through the application portal. This allows us to make sure you receive all the information you need about beginning your studies at UCL.  

Your offer letter will confirm if there is a deadline to respond.  

Check if you need to pay a tuition fee deposit 

Some courses require you to pay a tuition fee deposit to secure your place.  

We will confirm in your offer letter if you need to pay a deposit and the deadline to pay. 

Apply for accommodation 

If you are starting your studies in September and wish to apply for UCL accommodation you must do so by the 30 June.  

Read more about applying for accommodation

Identify and apply for funding 

If you haven’t yet applied for funding, we would suggest you do so now.  

Find out more about scholarships and funding

Find out if you need a visa to study at UCL 

It is important to check if you will need to apply for a visa to study at UCL as it can take time to get your visa. You can also attend one of our drop-in sessions if you have any concerns about applying for your visa. 

Check if you need to apply for ATAS 

Some international students will need to apply for the Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) before they can submit their visa application.  

We will confirm in your offer letter if you need to apply for ATAS.  

If you need to, apply for ATAS as soon as possible, even if you are holding a conditional offer. 

Learn more about ATAS

Check if you need to apply for extra checks 

Some courses at UCL require students to hold medical fitness (Occupational Health) to practice and/or satisfactory Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance. 

These are UK legal requirements for those taking part in specific activity with children or vulnerable adults. If you need to apply for either, your offer letter will state this.  

These processes can take time and we recommend that you apply as soon as possible if you need to. 

Provide evidence to clear your offer conditions 

If your offer is conditional, you will need to accept your offer and provide documents to prove that you meet your offer condition(s).  

Read more about providing evidence to meet your offer conditions 

We encourage you to provide these documents as soon as possible and no later than four weeks before term starts. 

View term dates for 2024-25

Complete enrolment

The Student Records Office will start to send out pre-enrolment information to unconditional offer holders who have accepted their offer, six weeks before term starts.  

Once you have received an invitation to pre-enrol, the Student Enquiries Centre will be available to support you if you have any questions about enrolling and starting your studies with us.

Read more about the Student Enquiries Centre