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London boasts around 250 museums and galleries, mixed performance and exhibition spaces, theatres and music venues for all tastes and the chance to watch, or take part in sport.

Performing arts

London is well known for its many theatres, cinemas and music venues. Students of literature, both in English and other languages, will find the dramatic works of their studies brought to life at theatres such as the National Theatre and the Barbican, together with authentic recreations of Shakespearean performances at the Globe. 

Sports, parks and outdoor activities

London has facilities for an enormous range of sporting activities, whether you wish to participate or be a spectator. Internationally famous venues, such as Wimbledon for tennis, Twickenham for rugby, Lord’s and the Oval for cricket and Wembley for football, are located in the capital, as well as countless other sports arenas, pitches, clubs and centres.

Central London boasts some of the finest parks and green spaces available in any city worldwide. Some are equipped with courts and pitches for sports, many are used as venues for musical and community events, and all provide the opportunity to enjoy peace and tranquillity as a break from the bustle of the capital’s streets.

Events, socialising, leisure and shopping

London, by day or night, is animated and energetic. With a population embracing so many cultures and interests, London hosts a huge number of specialist events and celebrations. On such occasions parks, shopping streets and squares are given over to processions, performances and stalls. The many and varied cultures of the London population also provide you with a choice of interesting and diverse cuisines, at a range of prices, when dining out.