Living Expenses

Goldsmid House

Your main costs as a student will be living expenses, including accommodation, travel, entertainment, books, food and clothing. Click here for information on UCL Accommodation fees.

The bottom line

Estimates vary as to how much students should budget for, and London, like other destinations, can be as expensive as personal taste dictates. A total of around £245 per week is considered to be a reasonable average for about a 37-week year (this includes the 30-week UCL academic year plus Christmas and Easter vacations).

As a guide, for a first-year student living in a UCL Hall of Residence or a UCL Student House the biggest items are:

  • £100-£120 for accommodation
  • £40 for housekeeping (food, toiletries etc)
  • £50 for entertainment
  • £10 for travel
  • £7 for books/equipment
  • £7 for insurance/TV licence
  • £10 for clothes.

Some degree programmes may involve additional costs; Earth Sciences students will need some additional funds for field trips (often subsidised) and geological equipment and Fine Art students will need to spend money on artists' materials.

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