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Outstanding Individual Contribution to Achieving Our Mission

The three winners of the Ways of Working: Outstanding Individual Contribution to Achieving Our Mission Award were nominated for taking ownership of work and for showing vision and innovative practice

Garance Mourgaud

Communications and Student Engagement Manager in the Digital Innovation Unit

Garance makes an outstanding individual contribution to achieving both her Faculty and UCL’s mission. 

Garance always puts students first – considering their perspectives and needs – and is a brilliant advocate for them. Her committed high standards make her a pleasure to work. 

She takes a lead on Faculty Induction planning, collaborating with various senior colleagues to establish the best possible array of activities and information for our incoming students, of which the student played a massive part in this last year.

Emer Girling

Teaching and Learning Manager for the Department of Economics

Emer has been a calming force for effective change in her first year in the way she has managed the challenges of Covid-19, supported many new members of the team, and dealt with the largest cohort ever in the economics undergraduate programmes. 

From the outset she established herself as a responsible leader – always keen to discuss ideas and recognise the value of learning from others.

She encourages her team to take responsibility for their roles while also protecting them from work pressures. Her impact on the organisation and the lives of many staff has been transformative.

Nicky Virdee

Laboratory Assistant in the Division of Biosciences

Nicky is always seeking ways to improve the service she delivers. She considers efficiency and devises ways to ensure that all labs receive the support they need, demonstrating practical ability and problem solving.

She shows a great sense of responsibility in managing her work, understanding the importance of what she does to so many researchers, and goes above and beyond what is simply required to ensure that research can be conducted. 

Over the past year when the pandemic has made conditions particularly difficult, Nicky has demonstrated vision, adaptability and initiative to ensure that the disruption to all labs was as minimised as possible.