Professional Services


Leadership Award for Outstanding Contribution

The nominees for the Leadership Award for Outstanding contribution were nominated by their teams and individuals with the winners selected by Fiona Ryland, Vice-President (Operations).

Professor Elizabeth Shepherd

Head of Department of the Division of Information Studies

Elizabeth has been successfully leading the Department with vision, compassion and productive resourcefulness over the last three years, especially during the tumultuous times of the past year, and she has kept the Department together as a family. 

She has created an exciting, yet achievable vision for the present and future of the Division of Information Studies, and it is testimony to her vision of a connected community that she has equally given strategic steer to the Professional Services Team. 

She is a champion of wellbeing and a generous and effective mentor – the Division will have two new female professors this year as a result of her encouragement and advocacy.

Julie Smith

Director of Operations for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Collegial, supportive, dynamic, always keen to explore and implement best practice, Julie is an absolutely outstanding DoO in every way. 

This year has been hugely challenging but Julie has never missed a chance to put structures in place to ease the strain on colleagues, to simplify and streamline work and is wonderfully engaged with academic and PS colleagues alike. 

Julie has overseen a holistic roots and branches review of SELCS, the Faculties largest and most complex department, and provided incredible support for Estates projects including the bid for Gray's Inn Road and the Slade Masterplan.

Lisa Fernand

Departmental Manager of the Bartlett School of Planning

Lisa has been instrumental in effecting positive change directly through her own expertise and dedication, and indirectly by encouraging, inspiring and developing her administrative team. 

By remaining flexible and resilient, and developing excellence in staff through trust and support, Lisa has been key in the success of the department through both ordinary and extraordinary times. Her ability to innovate and her understanding of staff and student needs brings robust, long-term solutions to the challenges a teaching department faces. 

She truly listens, and offers advice and understanding readily, authentically and without judgement. Everyone in our team benefits from her compassion, support and guidance.

Professor Raman Prinja

Head of Department for the Department of Physics and Astronomy

Raman has gone above and beyond the call of duty in leading the Physics and Astronomy department through a very challenging period with fairness and compassion, always looking out for the well-being of students and staff first. 

He works tirelessly to deliver programmes at a level that both students and staff can be proud of and demonstrates a strong commitment to inclusion and diversity, actively seeking funding opportunities to improve access and participation. 

By setting a positive and emotionally intelligent example that motivates others to follow, he has allowed the department to thrive in a very challenging time.