Professional Services


Community Spirit Award

The finalists for the Community Spirit award were nominated for the work they do that goes above and beyond their specific role and/or the boundaries of UCL

Dr Georgia Pavlopoulou

Lecturer in the Department of Psychology and Human Development

Georgia has been working with East London autistic community to create a unique creative collaborative 'Flow Unlocked' tackling stigma, inequalities and mental health with and for autistic adults. 

Focused on creating awareness of the role of relationships as the forgotten foundation of mental health through poetry and films, Georgia and team worked to create opportunities for collaboration between artists, researchers and communities, and built partnerships that enabled autistic collaborators to communicate their ideas. 

Georgia is committed to co-producing research, knowledge exchange and performance pieces with the Autism Community, and helped to create one of the first interdisciplinary autistic led autism conferences.

Helen Sawyer

Strategic Projects Manager in the Planning Division

In addition to her busy role as Strategic Projects Manager, Helen’s accomplishments for the UCL community and beyond are truly admirable. 

Helen has been a Childline volunteer for eight years, and has presented at numerous assemblies to help children understand and protect themselves from abuse and bullying. 

As the Planning Green Champion, she revolutionised the office culture allowing Planning to win the Gold Green Impact Award five years in a row. 
And at the start of the pandemic she volunteered within UCL to work with the student outreach team, supporting students remotely at this most difficult of times. 



Donatus Onyido

Security for the Bartlett School of Architecture

The best way to represent Don’s nomination is to quote the submission:

“Donatus, is one of UCL's most legendary figures and is the Gate Keeper of our Bartlett School front desk. He greets people, receives messages and parcels, and is responsible for both the security of our building and for the sanity of our minds.

He provides that sense of belonging and community spirit so rare these days. He is our vigilant Guardian Angel, our Boss and Big Brother – the strict housemaster whom we are all terrified to upset, and the one who’s love and support we all long for.

Don is the rock and anchor of our school community. An example of loyalty, trust, wisdom, care, ethics, humour and efficiency, and an endless supporter of each different individual personality. He an example for all of us.”

Dr Jessica Hayton

Lecturer in the Department Psychology and Human Development

Jessica’s enduring support and positivity enhanced the wellbeing of so many staff and students across the department during the period of pandemic lockdown. 

She took a leading role in arranging department community activities and fun zoom meetings for staff and their families, took a leading role in the work of the departmental wellbeing group, supported community involvement and supported the wellbeing of individuals on the fringes, and adopted a positive caring and understanding attitude to all staff. 

At the same time she continued to support her students, not least those on her programme where she continued face-to-face teaching and handled a range of challenging attitudes and circumstances.