Professional Services


Ways of Working: Outstanding Team Contribution to Achieving Our Mission

Recognising vision, innovative practice and ownership

The teams for the Ways of Working: Working Together Award have been nominated for taking ownership of their work and for showing vision and innovative practice.

The winner and finalists have played key roles in the delivery of support for coronavirus and leukaemia patients alike as well as ensuring our students are able to access the support they need at UCL.

Winner: Employment Policy Team

Employee Relations, Planning and Policy

The Employment Policy Team have contributed to our Mission by working on the Key Enabler "Valuing our Staff" in UCL's 2034 Strategy. They have responded to challenges experienced by staff and managers during COVID-19, and have ensured our policies and FAQs have addressed concerns and supported staff. This has been achieved through excellent collaborative working across UCL. In addition, they have responded to the changes in immigration legislation to ensure that staff and managers have the information and resources going forward. They have demonstrated outstanding service and commitment, juggling caring responsibilities, home schooling, and their own illness from covid.


Winner: Welcome Week Response to COVID-19 Team

UCL Student's Union

Welcoming 18,000 new students to UCL is always an organisational challenge, but also an absolute priority of Student's Union UCL each year. However, with the absence of face-to-face activity at scale this year, the Union had to radically change how we delivered the largest student induction in the UK. The way that teams from across the Union came together, each brining their unique skills and ideas, enabled us to not only deliver a wide-range of events and activities for our new students, but also to improve in many ways how we engage with large numbers of people at once.