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Ways of Working: Outstanding Individual Contribution to Achieving Our Mission

Recognising vision, innovative practice and ownership

The nominees for the Ways of Working: Outstanding Individual Contribution to Achieving Our Mission Award have been nominated for taking ownership of their work and for showing vision and innovative practice.

The winner and finalists for this award have demonstrated vision through developing partnership, been innovative in their promotion of UCLs contribution to the coronavirus crisis and taken ownership of their role in helping young people to access university.

Winner: Oliver Curran

Deputy Security Manager, UCL Estates

I would like to nominate Oliver Curran as I believe the work he has undertaken for UCL over the last 6 months has been outstanding and without his input UCL would look very different to the safe location it has been throughout the lockdown/reopened periods. He understands the UCL mission and knows how important an effective Security service is to enable all members of the UCL Community to undertake their daily activities.

Oliver's talents have not only been recognised at senior levels at UCL but he has just been elected to the role of Vice Chair at AUCSO, which means national and international Heads of Security have chosen him to lead them over the next 4 years.


Finalist: Michael Hanley

Stores Manager, Division of Biosciences

Michael Hanley is the manager for the divisional Biosciences stores, which serves four departments, occupying 7 buildings on the Bloomsbury campus. Stores usually has a staff of three, the manager and two stores’ assistants but at the time of the lock down and subsequent recruitment ban was in the process of seeking approval to replace one stores assistant, the second stores assistant had been signed off on long term sickness.

Since volunteering to return to site in July 2020, despite personally being in two high risk categories for COVID 19, Michael has single-handedly run an extremely busy stores, providing excellent service and has done so with good grace and selflessness.