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Solving problems together

We want to provide you with services and communities that support the One PS vision, making it easier for you to work more closely and solve problems
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Improvement Board

The Improvement Board has set itself a challenge of making a real difference at UCL, by making it easier for you to do your job and add value. If you have come across an issue or have a suggested improvement, please fill in the form and share them with us. 

The board will then triage your improvement and either ask the appropriate service lead, groups of colleagues, the PS Hub or TOPS Transformation to consider and solve. Some of this work will take days and some slightly longer, we will keep you informed as we go.

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Communities of Practice

The purpose of CoPs at UCL is to unite staff working in similar domains and functions, in order to develop and professionalise individuals and practices.

UCL currently has over 1,000 CoP members and over 40 CoP-led projects across the institution. There are 12 CoPs across six professional service areas and the goal is to set up CoPs across all major service areas at UCL.

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The PS Hub

The Professional Service Hub brings together professional services colleagues from across UCL into one location.

Since moving a number of key professional services colleagues from across UCL to 1 St Martin’s Le Grand (1SMLG), we have been able to improve collaboration and coordination between services, in particular for services and processes that span multiple teams. This has led to better service quality and enabled colleagues to work together more effectively.

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Think Outside the Inbox

One PS are setting all professional services staff a challenge – to try and bring down the number of emails we all send and receive, and to improve those that we do send.