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Agile working at UCL

Working on campus during coronavirus restrictions

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UCL 2034: how does agile working fit into UCL's Strategy?
  • UCL strives to be at the forefront of innovation and, over the last few years, has introduced agile working within key central Professional Services areas.
  • The concept of agile working fits into two 2034 key enablers: valuing staff and delivering a sustainable estate, and the principles can be applied to any shared space across UCL.
One PS: how does agile working support the aims of 'One PS'?

Two key aims of the unified professional services vision are that we become one community, and recognise a shared identity. Agile working supports these aims and:

  • Enables collaboration between teams, by having the ability to easily move around the agile space and feel like one community.
  • Promotes great behaviours and standards, which will contribute towards building a shared identity.
  • Guides us to work towards a common vision of how we want to operate, so that we can work on the big challenges and opportunities together.
The essentials: what are the principles of agile working?

The principles of agile working are based around different teams interacting within a shared space in a designated agile building. The agile concept works by all staff following a common set of practices or protocols.

Below are the key principles applicable to all. A brief explanation of the top 5 'need to know' essentials is on the How does agile work? page.

If you are working in an agile building please familiarise yourself with the individual building protocols, found in the guides on the Which buildings are agile? page (or at the top right of this page).