Professional Services


About One PS

Our vision: Working together we make UCL a great place to work and study, where people do amazing things, every day

What does this look like?

We share a vision
  • We share an understanding of what will make the biggest difference to our whole community.
  • We work on the big challenges and opportunities together.
  • We are ambitious and don’t just follow the sector standards.
We are one community
  • Our services will feel seamless.
  • We share success and recognise great behaviours and performance.
  • People move between areas to progress their careers.
We own our success
  • Everyone understands how their role contributes to the success of UCL.
  • We have clear and transparent performance and reward measures.

Why do we need to create One PS?

  • Professional services staff are distributed across UCL in faculties, vice provost offices and central services.
  • Although cohesion is improving, there is still much scope to create a more aligned PS community.
  • There was no common purpose, vision and priorities for all of PS. 
  • There are many advantages to creating greater alignment and engagement across all of PS that we are missing out on.

What we’re doing

Several short- and medium-term projects have been identified, the team are getting on with making a difference. The groups involved are from across UCL and we have purposefully included colleagues from the centre, faculties and VP offices. The work includes:

3-month projects (supported by a Working Group)

Improvement Board

UCL is not place for unnecessary and unhelpful processes. The Improvement Board encourages all staff to share their suggestions for improvement.  

Welcome to UCL

UCL is a great place to work, and we think this should start from your very first day. Through this project we aim to will create a sense of belonging from the start. 

Watch this space.

HR Tableau Dashboard

We want to make it easier for departments to submit accreditations. To help with this we are creating a system that is simple and provides a trusted source of information. 

Watch this space.

Medium term challenges (supported by a Rapid Solution Teams)

  • Research Support (end to end)
  • Admissions (end to end) 

Share your thoughts

We want the work on One PS to be an ongoing conversation. Please get in touch with us to share your feedback.